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Rapid Eye Monsters Part 3

Part One, Part Two

What happened next was hard to describe. It was almost like the monster that attacked us wasn’t even there, like it was a shadow. It looked like a wolf, but larger and lacking any solid shape. The way it moved was like something out of a cartoon or even a dream.

I pushed my sister to the right and then jumped to the left, letting the monster jump in between. I had leapt into a roll and when I stood back up I was prepared to attack, but the monster was gone. It was like it disappeared right through the wall or melted back into the shadows. My sister and I stared at each other, both ready for when the monster reappeared but it never came back.

After several minutes of waiting I shrugged my shoulders and suggested that we get out of the building as soon as possible. I had no idea what that thing that attacked us was but I did not want to be there when it came back. I still was unsure why I was so stricken with fear.

Once we exited the house it was like the fear that held me so tight let go, allowing a little bit of freedom. There must have been something attached to that house that overcame my instincts. The effect lingered a little bit but we pressed forward.

“We should get back to the warehouse,” Alex suggested with a wince. Her wrists were bothering her from being tied up. She must have been down there for a long time for that to be bothering her that much.

“I don’t think so,” I disagreed with her. “That’s where I just came from and there was no one there. Something tells me we need to keep going down this path.” I pointed to the back of the house. It was where the path I walked down to find the house continued.

“Something is telling me that we need to get back to the warehouse.”

“Well, since I am older and more experienced in this type of situation, we are going to do what I think. You are more than welcome to go your own way but I would suggest against that.”

Alex stared at me, knowing that I spoke the truth and she should listen to me.

“Okay, see ya,” she said happily and started back towards the warehouse.

“Get back here,” I said as I grabbed her arm.

“What the hell?”

“You called my bluff. Good for you. Now, let’s get going.”

While still hanging onto her arm, we headed to the back of the house and continued down the path. I still had no idea where it lead to and was a little scared by that fact but it was the right direction to go.

We walked for what seemed like hours and found nothing but more trees and a dirt path. There were no paths connected that went in different directions, just the one we were walking on.

“We’ve been walking forever,” Alex complained. She hunched her shoulders and looked up as she spoke as if it would give her protest more meaning. It just made her look like a little brat.

“And we will keep walking,” I informed her. “We need to find the gremlins.”

“The what?” Alex said with sincerity in her voice.

“Ummm, the monsters that have been keeping us alive for the last week or two.”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

I stopped to face her.

“Little red things,” I explained. “They kind of look like little, red devils. The reason you wanted to go back to the warehouse.”

Her face was blank, like she was staring into the eyes of a crazy person.

“Will you cut it out?” I blurted. “It’s bad enough with everything else going on. I don’t need you to act like you don’t know what I am talking about.”

A wave of fear washed over her face, like I was going to hit her or something.

“I really don’t know what you are talking about,” she admitted with a tremble in her voice.

For the longest time I stared at her trying to get her to admit she was faking it, but she never broke.

“Let’s just keep going,” I finally said. We continued to walk.

Something really weird was going on and it was only getting odder by the second. We needed to escape whatever hell we were in and fast…

Rapid Eye Monsters: Part Three

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Rapid Eye Monsters Part 1

I was spending a lot of time with the gremlins, held up while I was trying to recover from the injuries from the explosion and being shot. I wanted to shoot every single one of them, even though they were trying to help my sister and I. Imagine Mygle, kind of annoying, terrible English. Now picture this but with multiple gremlins and you wanted to kill them too.

We had been there at that old warehouse for just over a week and the gremlins did a really good job of taking care of us, but we needed to get back out there. The agency wanted us dead and we were no closer to saving Kelly. We didn’t even know where she was.

It was getting close to dusk and Alex was already asleep. She was having a hard time healing considering she was still young. All of the gremlins were moving about but Mygle was nowhere to be found.

“How you feeling?” one of the gremlins asked me. I couldn’t be sure because they all looked very similar but I think her name was Pelzy.

“Like I had a bomb go off in my face,” I said.

“I know that. Get over it already.”

She smiled and I returned the gesture. I honestly did like Pelzy a little bit more than the rest.

“Where’s Mygle?” I asked her.

“Out,” she replied, “making sure that the agency isn’t on to us.”

“I hope you guys did a good job of losing them.”

“We did.”

“I need to get outside.”

“I walk with you.”

“I can go myself, thank you.”

“I walk with you.”


The two of us walked outside the building where there wasn’t that much to see. Decomposing machinery left from the warehouse, back when it was up and running, and overgrowth covering the building and everything else. It looked the perfect place for monsters, which there actually was so it was rather fitting. It was in the middle of nowhere and that is exactly how I wanted it.

We did a couple of laps around the building without even speaking to each other. I know that Mygle told Pelzy to keep a close eye on me. I assumed he did, anyway, because she followed me around everywhere.

“Mygle say when he would be back?” I asked her, breaking the long silence.

“No,” she responded with a sort of longing. “Should be quick.”

“How did you guys know about this place?”

“Mygle has hiding places.”

“That’s very specific.” I stopped in front the door and turned towards Pelzy. “Look. I want to thank you guys for helping us. We owe you a lot.”

“Guys?” she questioned.



“Alright, gremlins. Is that better?”

I felt something, a twinge of panic that started to rise from my gut. Pelzy noticed.

“What wrong?” she asked me.

“I don’t know,” I admitted to her. “Something just feels off.”

“It could be you surrounded by monsters.”

“Yeah. I don’t know.”

I didn’t think anything of it and the two of us walked inside. I lay in my bed and slowly drifted off to sleep. I should always trust my gut feeling because we would soon find out exactly what it was…

Rapid Eye Monsters: Part One

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