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Vampire King (The Half-Breed Series Volume Two)

Vampire King Front Cover

It is about that time again. My second novel, Vampire King, was released yesterday and it is the second in the Half-Breed Series. It continues the story of Crey, a half-breed, and his struggle to survive and fit in to a world full of elves:

There is an ancient evil, hidden somewhere in the world. Most don’t even know of its existence and others believe it to be nothing more than a legend. Soon the world may find out just how real it actually is.

Thalnaar has escaped from Illiar Penitentiary and hasn’t been seen in months, until one day he and his followers resurface. Crey and his team stumble onto something they never thought expected: Thalnaar is working with vampires.

They follow him all the way to London, always a step behind, only to find if they don’t stop him in time he will unleash a monster so great, it will be the greatest threat the world has ever seen.

Here’s a little sample:

Not since Lumo started working the booth outside Illiar Penitentiary had he been so happy. Many prisoners had been brought past him but today was different. Seeing Thalnaar dragged through almost comatose was a huge relief. It wasn’t a minute too soon either, because Thalnaar snuck into the city a few times, which was impossible.

He always thought that Arcadias would be the one to stop Thalnaar. He spent almost every waking second going after him, so it made only sense. After what had happened to his brother, he changed. Lumo met Elluminous numerous times and he was always good to him, one of the kindest elves he had ever met. Everyone has their flaws, though, because he had heard that he married a human and together they had a baby. How could he do that? Marry a human and then have a baby? It was forbidden. Even though he liked Elluminous, it angered him. Humans were so below all of them and the idea of a half human, half elf disgusted him. Of course, he never would have thought that eighteen years later that the same half-breed in question would be the one to stop Thalnaar. He would only possess half the strength of an elf. Not to mention that Thalnaar was more powerful than the average elf, therefore making it even that much more unlikely.

The alarm went off on the view screen, grabbing Lumo’s attention. He turned to see a vehicle making its way to the checkpoint, slowing as it got closer. A quick scan from the initial devices let him know it was the first of the next shift making their way in. He stepped out of the booth to greet them.

The car rolled up as the driver put down the window.

“Hey Lumo,” the elf driver spoke.

“Hey Orn,” Lumo greeted right back.

“Is it true what I’ve heard?”

“Every word.”

“Wow,” Orn said amazed. “I can’t believe it. Thalnaar actually caught.”

“Hard to believe.”

“I thought I’d never see the day.”

“Right,” Lumo agreed. “You know the drill.”

Orn got out of the car, emptied all of his pockets, and proceeded into the scanner. Everything checked out so he picked up all of his gear and moved on. Orn activated the device that gave him the green glow, counteracting the red glow that was filling the tunnel and the prison area. It prevented anyone who wandered in from using there power.

Word had traveled fast about Thalnaar’s arrest. He had only been in there for a few hours and already Orn knew about it. With something of this magnitude, however, it was expected that the entire world—elves anyway—would know by now.

Lumo got back into his booth and waited for the rest of the night shift to arrive. One by one they drove in, got scanned and headed in to work. All but Lumo’s replacement had shown up. He couldn’t wait to go home to be with his wife. They didn’t get to see each other that much during the week because he worked second shift and she worked first. So by the time he made it home she was almost ready to go to sleep.

His replacement was five minutes late. Kilaen was never late. None of them have ever been late. Finally, the alarm sounded as the next car was en route, letting Lumo breath a sigh of relief. When he looked closer, however, he saw that there was more than one elf in the car and he didn’t recognize the vehicle.  Something was wrong. He quickly pulled out the spare gun that clung underneath desk and holstered it in the back of his pants.

The car pulled up, but Lumo was unable to see in the tinted windows.

“Roll down your window please,” Lumo ordered as he knocked on the window.

Nothing happened.

“Roll down your window,” he repeated.

Still nothing happened. Lumo pulled out his gun and pointed it at the car.

“I’m not going to ask you again,” he threatened.

There was a loud boom and the ground shook. The noise came from the prison on the other side of the wall.

All of a sudden the red glow disappeared and before Lumo could even blink the gun was ripped out of his hands and whipped into the booth. He was then lifted off the ground and it seemed as if all the air was sucked out of the room and he could no longer breath. He started to wonder why none of the elves in the hidden areas on the side of the tunnel had come out yet.

The tunnel stretched over a thousand yards. Lumo was thrown and made it over half way. When he hit the ground there was a thud and he knew right away that something was broken. Disoriented, he stumbled as fast as he could to get up and head back to the penitentiary. Off in the distance he saw one of the elves climb back into the car as the door in front of them opened, and they drove in.

Lumo’s broken leg was causing him to hobble back at a snail’s pace, so the door closed before he could get back. Eventually he made it back and opened it up.

As he stood there waiting for the door to rise, the alarms began to go off. It didn’t take him long to figure out what they were coming after. When both doors finally opened dust pour out, blurring his vision and causing him to cough. The whole area was soon filled with a thick cloud and debris lay everywhere. He hobbled his way in to find that the building was no longer glowing red. He suddenly realized that he too was no longer glowing.

This is unbelievable, he thought to himself.

There was smoke and fire coming out of one of the corners of the building. The one in which he could only guess Thalnaar was being held. When Lumo looked up even higher he noticed something that was even more impossible: there was a big hole in the ceiling. He could see something going up through it and then the red glow of the building reappeared.

One of the other guards came running out of the building with blood trickling down from his forehead. It was Orn.

“It’s Thalnaar,” he exclaimed. “He’s escaped.”

Lumo just stood there silently.

“Dark Shield agents will be here soon,” stated Orn. “I’ll go wait for them.”

Orn ran out to the front entrance. Lumo just stood there, stunned. He couldn’t believe what just happened. No one had ever been able to escape from Illinar Penitentiary, ever.

Lumo slowly began to walk toward the building, not really sure what he was doing. Thalnaar was finally captured. It had taken them over two decades to get him and it only took him a couple of hours to get back out.

You can find the book either on Amazon or B&N. Hope you all enjoy and if you haven’t read the first one, Dark Shield, here’s the links to that as well Amazon and B&N. Learn how it all began.

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Dark Shield (The Half-Breed Series Volume One)


It is time for a little bit of self-promoting. Earlier this year I published my first novel Dark Shield, which is the first of five in the Half-Breed Series, and is a young adult science fiction/fantasy. Here’s the synopsis and the prologue.


Elves. They live among us in secret, quietly hiding in the shadows, protecting us from the known and unknown evils of the world, with powers and technology beyond our imagination. A war is slowly building between those who fight for us and those who fight against us. Crey will soon find himself stuck right in the middle.

Crey is a teenager who is ripped from his normal life and thrown into a world he never knew existed, hunted down by an elf named Thalnaar who wants nothing more than to see him dead. To top it off he discovers that he is half elf and isn’t even supposed to exist.

Outmatched and underpowered, Crey will have to pass through a labyrinth of emotional and physical obstacles, defying all the odds and everyone’s expectations, becoming part of the agency that has sworn to protect the world. There he will find the means of seeking revenge on the one who has taken everything from him and nothing will stand in his way.


Andrea was used to dealing with bad situations. As a lawyer for a large firm, she’d been with the worst of the worst. Nothing, however, could ever compare to this.

Her husband dragged her and their newborn son through the building they came across in the alley, desperately trying to find them an adequate hiding spot. He needed to protect them from the group that had been chasing them for the past 30 minutes. They found a room with a lone desk against the back wall. Various supplies were spread out all over the desk, and a thin layer of dust covered everything like a soft blanket. This room had been empty for a long time.

Upon reaching the other side, they both dropped to their knees and stared deeply into each other’s eyes, praying it would not be the last time. He was stronger than any man she knew, but she saw no way out of this. She trembled, revealing her worries.

“I’m sorry,” he breathed.

She knelt there silently, not knowing what to say.

“He won’t stop,” her husband continued, “for anything.”

“I know,” she finally managed.

“I need the both of you to stay here while I go take care of it. Hopefully, I can hold him and the rest of his group off until help arrives.”

“I don’t want you to go.”

He took in a deep breath. “We will make it through this. I promise.”

She nodded her head, knowing it was a lie. “I love you, El.”

He leaned in, kissed her, and then took off through the door. She could hear the group that was chasing them shuffle into the other room to greet him. For a moment, there was nothing but silence, leaving Andrea anxious.

“Where is he?” a voice finally spoke.

“Far from here,” said El, trying desperately to convince them.

“You’re lying. I will find that abomination and eliminate him.”

“I won’t let you get to him.”

“See if you can stop us.”

Loud sounds of metal scraping against metal and gunshots filled the air. Every few seconds, there was a loud popping sound. Andrea was too nervous to try and imagine what it could possibly be.

Her heart beat even faster.

She looked down at her son, cradled in her left arm, who began crying. Quickly, she placed her right hand over his mouth to silence him, hoping that it was not loud enough for them to hear.

“They’re in the next room!” a voice called out, confirming Andrea’s fear.

The fighting became even more intense as the silence between each sword strike became shorter. Bullets flew through the wall, like rocks thrown through tissue paper, right by Andrea and her son. She ducked and covered her baby, protecting him from the dangerous meteor shower.

“Noooooo!” shouted El.

It felt like a bomb had gone off. A bright light flashed, filling the room, as heat swooped in so fast she felt as if she might burn. The dust stirred when the hot air rushed in, and then there was silence. She sat there motionless, afraid of what was to come next. The only sound was that of the baby crying. She rocked back and forth to try and calm him down until finally his crying subsided. It took a few moments before she felt brave enough to speak.

“El?” she whispered, but there was no response. “El?”

She got up and went into the next room. She felt like each step was bringing her closer to her doom, but she saw no alternative. When she reached the doorway, she expected someone to jump out and grab her, but there was nothing.

The room was destroyed. Debris from the walls, now only partially intact, lay everywhere. The entire room—walls, ceiling, and floor—was completely charcoaled. Her eyes slowly fell to the floor where she found her husband lying motionless. Andrea ran over to him and put his head in her lap.

“El?” whispered Andrea.


“El!” she screamed, but he still didn’t respond. She felt her eyes burn as tears streamed down her face. She struggled to hold onto her baby as she sobbed uncontrollably.

The love of her life had been taken from her. One of the only two people that mattered to her was gone. It was as if a part of her was cut away, leaving her incomplete. Now, she was left there to wonder.

What happened?

She struggled to calm herself and pulled off his sword tip necklace. Andrea stood up and looked down into her son’s eyes. She was left alone to take care of him in the now somber world. She knew what she had to do. Nothing in the world could stop her from protecting her son. They would not get to him.

Brushing his face with her fingers, she spoke as softly and sweetly as she could manage, “I will never let them get you, Crey.”

I hope that if you have made it this far that you enjoyed the little piece I have given you. If you are interested you can purchase Dark Shield off of Amazon, Amazon UK or B&N. There is a longer sample on Amazon or you could visit my Website and read the PDF sample. The second book, Vampire King, will be out soon and I will be having a Facebook launch where I will be giving away copies of both novels. I will post later with more details.

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