21 Mar

Misdirection Part Eight

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“Why is it that you always show up at the right time?” I asked the driver, Mygle. “And why are you driving a car? How are you driving a car?”

“Shut up and get in,” he demanded.

I put my sister in the back seat and then climbed into the passenger seat next to Mygle. The pedal hit the floor, the tires pealed out on the wet tar and he streamed down the street, hopefully away from all of the agents. I was glad that Alex and I had all of our belongings that we needed from our car because there was no way we were getting that back.

“What you do this time?” Mygle asked me with disappointment.

“You know the agency is after me,” I pointed out to him.

“Yeah, but how did they find you?”

“They tricked us.”


“There were vampires here.”

“I thought you say they tricked you?”

“They did. They already killed the vampires and were waiting for us when we got here. They used some kid to get to us. It’s a big mess.”

“Wow, that’s unlike you.”

I did everything I could to stifle the retort that I wanted to scream at him but he did quite possibly just save our lives, so I decided to just flash him a sarcastic smile.

“How did you know how to find us?” I asked him. “How did you even know this was happening?”

“The monster network,” he replied matter-of-factly.


“Not really, but monsters do talk.”

“I really do want to kill Director Fields.”

I looked back at Alex who was turning white due to the slight shock she was probably in from having her foot shot off. Well, not the whole foot but definitely a toe or two. Don’t worry they will grow back. I really did want to kill everyone in the agency, especially that bitch. Sorry for the harsh language.

“How are we supposed to get out of here?” I asked Mygle.

“We drive,” he simply replied.

“The agency is definitely going to have this entire town in lockdown. There is no way we are going to simply walk out of here.”



“Look I have a plan.”

“That’s great and all but do you see that up ahead?”

I pointed down the street.

“What?” Mygle asked, trying to find what I was pointing at. How was he able to even reach the pedals?

“No,” I said to him. “Look up.”

He did to see three helicopters coming for us. Yeah, we were totally dead…

Misdirection: Part Eight

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