22 Feb

Misdirection Part Six

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I’ve been shot and impaled before, so I know it hurts, but it still catches me by surprise every time. My body jerked, forcing me to stumble and almost fall to the ground. I recovered quickly and picked up the pace so we could get away. I wasn’t in the mood to die or be captured and the fact that we were tricked—I knew that was going to happen—gave me the rush of adrenaline to push forward.

We were a lot faster than any of agents so it wasn’t that hard to get away from them. That’s what I thought I would be saying but they were definitely prepared for us. You would think if they spent half the effort they were using trying to capture/kill us trying to catch monsters instead, the world would be monster free. Nope, they were to hell-bent on trying to kill my sister and I for some stupid reason. Director Fields was a real idiot.

Agents were coming out of the woodworks, with helicopters flying above. We were seriously screwed.

“Where do we go?!” Alex shouted over the helicopter.

“I don’t know!” I admitted. “Just keep running!”

That’s when the helicopters started shooting at us with very large guns. Thankfully they were terrible shots because neither of them—there were two—could hit us, so far.

We had outrun the agents on the ground but there was no way we were getting away from the choppers. Get to the choppa! Sorry, that just slipped out. Anyway, there was a large boulder sticking out over the trail, providing just enough cover for us. I grabbed Alex and pulled her under it. Dirt was flying everywhere from the bullets and they were starting to break apart the boulder as well.

“We can’t stay here!” Alex pointed out.

“I know that!” I replied. “I just need a second to think!”

What was I supposed to do? I couldn’t just kill them but they were trying to kill us. I couldn’t let us both die.

“Wes!” Alex screamed.

I looked over to her and noticed tears were streaming down her face. Then I looked at her foot and saw nothing but blood. One of the bullets hit my sister in the foot.

There was a surge of anger that flowed through me was like nothing I’ve ever felt before. Seeing the pain on her face and the blood on the ground was enough for me to pick up that boulder and throw it at the helicopters—I can’t really do that. Who shoots at an 11-year-old kid who has done nothing wrong?

“Wes, it hurts!” she cried.

Any regard for the agents’ lives went right out the window. I really didn’t care what happened to any of them at that point. I stepped out from under the boulder and pointed my guns up in the air and aimed it toward one of the helicopters and just let loose. It was pretty difficult to hit them, especially since they were shooting at me, but eventually it hit one of them. The bullet passed right through the pilot’s window. You would think they would have better armor, or maybe my gun was just that awesome.

The helicopter that I hit started spinning and then something amazing happened: the gun kept firing and hit the other one. Then they were both spinning completely out of control until they collided in the air and exploded.

My rage started to dissipate and the reality of what I just did started to sink in: I just killed at least two people. But they were trying to kill us, so it was okay, right?


Misdirection: Part Six

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