13 Feb

Misdirection Part Four

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It was dark, as all caves usually are, but given that we are paladins it wasn’t that dark to us.

“Being able to see in the dark makes life a whole lot easier,” Alex whispered.

“Yes it does,” I replied.

“Let’s find those vampires and kill them.”

“I really don’t think we are going to find any in here.”

“What? Why?”

“I don’t trust Arthur.”

Even though I can see in the dark it’s not perfect vision, but I didn’t need perfect vision to see that Alex was about to get really defensive on me.

“There’s nothing wrong with him,” she fired at me, raising her voice. “Why don’t you give him a break? The vampires killed his dog.”

“Relax, will ya?” I replied. “I’d rather not alert anything that we are here.”

“I thought you said that there weren’t any vampires in here?”

“I said I don’t think we will find any, which doesn’t mean that I’m right so if you would please keep your voice down, that would be ideal.”


We took the rest of the time in silence.

The cave was a lot deeper than I expected it to be, almost like it was carved into the side of a mountain, but we were not near any. It wasn’t like the caves you find with those rock spikes pointing up from the ground or hanging from the ceiling—what are those things called again? The place was just a long hallway of solid rock, slightly glistening from the moisture.

We reached the end of the cave and I will say that I was wrong; there were definitely vampires in that cave.

“Well,” I began, “I was wrong.”

“I don’t get it,” she said. “They’re already dead.” I could see the disappointment in her face. I don’t think it was just because it was obvious that Arthur was probably lying to us but also that she isn’t going to be able to kill any vampires.

“I told you something was fishy about this. We need to get out of here, like now.”

“Wait, why are they dead?”

“Because someone killed them.”

“Maybe they just died?”

“Unless there’s a new airborne virus that kills vampires or a sun roof here then I don’t think so.”

“I’m telling you, Arthur did not trick us.”

“We’re leaving.” I headed back towards the mouth of the cave.

Alex was upset because she liked the kid so she couldn’t see what was clearly happening here. She was also young and new to this so I don’t know if she has learned to not trust certain people yet. All I knew was that we needed to get out of there.

We got to the entrance of the cave and I was even more surprised than I had expected to be. I knew that Arthur was lying to us but I had no idea why. That was no longer a question inside my head for there was Roy, Lenny and a whole bunch of other agents standing there, waiting. We were set up.

“Hey Wes,” he said…

Misdirection: Part Four

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