10 Feb

Misdirection Part Three

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I asked Arthur to take us to the spot where he saw the vampires to which he gladly agreed. He explained how they chased him through the woods into his backyard. From the sound of it he was a couple of miles into the woods when he encountered the vampires so it was going to take us some time to get there. Arthur was leading the way with Alex standing right next to him while I hung back a few yards.

“I’m sorry about your dog,” Alex said to him.

“Thanks,” he replied not looking over to her.

“I’m Alex. My brother’s name is Wes.”

It was odd that we never said our names before and he quickly agreed to go to the woods with strangers, to a place where he was attacked by vampires. That would scare anyone. I didn’t trust this kid.

“Who are you guys?” Arthur asked her.

“We search for monsters and hunt them,” she said boastfully.

“Alex,” I scolded. She shouldn’t be so cavalier telling people that, even if she did want to show off. She simply shrugged her shoulders.

“But you’re both so young,” Arthur pointed out.

“I’m older than you,” I fired back.

“Relax, Wes,” Alex said, trying to calm me down. I was really not digging this. Do people still say that?

Arthur smiled at Alex. I walked up right in between the two of them.

“Wes!” Alex complained loudly.

“Just wanted to get a better spot,” I responded, not really lying to her. It was better for me.

The three of us continued to walk in silence, neither of them really wanting to talk to me. That was fine with me, just as long as she didn’t get close with the kid I definitely didn’t trust.

“This is where I found them,” Arthur said when we reached a cave.

“That’s a little cliché,” I muttered.

“A cave?” Alex asked.

“Yeah, they live in caves in the movies, don’t they?”


“They did in Lost Boys.”

“Are we going in there?”

“What do you think?”

“Let’s get in there then.”

We started for the cave but Arthur hung back.

“If it’s cool with you I’d rather stay back here,” he informed us. I didn’t really blame him for not wanting to walk in there. I wouldn’t want to either if I weren’t a paladin.

“Okay,” I said. “Just stay here and if you hear anything just run.”


Alex looked like she was actually worried about him but she didn’t say anything and headed toward the cave.

“Be careful,” Arthur called out to Alex.

She turned back to flash a smile at him.

“You too,” she said back. He smiled back at her.

I tapped her on the back and pointed to cave.

“I’m going,” she snapped at me. I put my hands up in defense and we continued to the cave.

As we stepped through the mouth of the cave it felt like I was being swallowed up and about to be spit back out…

Misdirection: Part Three

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