03 Feb

Misdirection Part One

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Fighting my sister became a lot more difficult. Look I’m not saying I could beat her but now that she has her own weapon, one that she picked out, it was like she had years of experience. Was it the same way for me when I got my axes?

Once again, it wasn’t that I wasn’t better than her, but she was fighting with such brutality that it was just unexpected.

I knocked her swing to the side and brought my right axe up to her neck. She then spun and kicked the axe away while swinging her axe at my head. I ducked, hooked my left axe behind her leg and pulled it out from underneath her.

“You’re getting better,” I told her as I paced around her. “You still need work, though.”

She didn’t bother mincing words but attacked me instead. We sparred for another twenty minutes before calling it a day.

It had been a couple weeks since our zombie adventure and luckily the agency never saw us leaving, which meant they didn’t follow us. Nothing has happened either within that timeframe so we just practiced while trying to find out how to save Kelly. The last thing we heard was from a good witch—yeah, apparently that is a thing—and that was “Fortel” written in blood and neither of us knew what that meant.

The motel we were in was just as crappy as every other place I’ve ever stayed in. For once I would like to stay somewhere nice, but I definitely couldn’t now because the agency would be on us in a second. There were stains on the walls and floors, and a smell that no amount of bleach would get rid of.

I just came out of the shower and Alex was on the computer, searching.

“You find anything?” I asked her, already knowing the answer.

“Nope,” she replied as she turned her attention to me. “But you already knew that.”

“Yes I did. What the hell does “Fortel” mean?”

“A name?”

“Probably.” Another thing that bothered me is that the agency had to have seen that too and were also probably trying to figure it out as well. We had to figure out what it meant before they did.

“Oh shit, finally,” Alex blurted.

I jumped up and ran over to her. “What? And don’t swear.”

“Shut up. Look at this.” She pointed at the screen.

There was a news story about an attack at a town that was only a few towns over from where we were. It was vampires. How would I know so quickly, you ask? Because it literally said there were vampire attacks. It was obviously some tabloid website but that didn’t mean that I was going to take any chances.

“I guess we are hunting vampires,” I said.

“Good,” Alex said, a little anger under her breadth. Vampires were present at her adoptive parents death so I imagined that she was a little bitter. Kind of how I feel about werewolves. “Do you think it is real?”

“No idea, but we are going to find out.”

“Okay then.”

“Let’s pack up.”

“It’s still morning time.”


“Vampires only attack at night.”

“Yes but we need to go investigate.”


She quickly showered, packed up, and then we were out the door.

Something about this one felt odd. It was close to where we were and it was just so blatantly obvious what the problem was, which usually wasn’t the case. I felt like something bad was going to happen and I was going to learn how good my gut feelings really are…

Misdirection: Part One

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