16 Jan

Rise Above Part Sixteen

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This was the end. Oh come on: do you really think this is the end? If I was going to die how would I be able to tell you about this, and when do I ever die? People, I thought you were smarter than that.

The zombies were inches from my face, seconds away from eating it right off. I had never dealt with that many zombies before so sue me. Then out of nowhere, they just dropped dead…again. There would only be one reason for that to happen and that was if the necromancer was dead. That is when the head of the necromancer landed in front of me. I was still a little woozy from the zombie bite but since the necromancer was apparently dead the effects were wearing off.

I looked over to Mygle but he was too far away to have killed the necromancer, so who did it? I looked up to see Alex, wielding a bloody axe.

“What’s up?” she asked me.

“Dammit,” I said back.

“I leave you for an hour and you can’t even handle yourself?”

“It was two hours and shut up.” I kind of wished that I let the zombies eat me. Then I wouldn’t have to live the shame of being saved by my 11-year-old sister. I was never going to live that down.

I stood up and leaned back, trying desperately to crack the kink in my back. Mygle was walking over towards us, stepping over bodies as he did.

“What the hell happened?” she asked as she looked around.

“Zombies,” I replied. “And don’t swear.”

“Hell isn’t a swear.”

“It’s a swear for an 11-year-old.”

“You’re just mad because I saved your life.”

I shook my head, already ready to leave that town. I looked down at her axe, pretty impressed by her choice. It looked a little funny on a person her size but it looked like she was handling it well. That’s the thing, though, when a paladin goes to choose their weapon it is really the weapon that chooses the paladin. Does that sound familiar to you?

Me personally, I prefer the dual axes, but that’s just me.

“We need to get out,” Mygle said to us.

“Not before we erase some memories,” I pointed out to him.

“We don’t have time.” He pointed up to the sky right as a helicopter flew right above us. There was no doubting that it was the agency.

Mygle disappeared. My sister and I didn’t hesitate for a second before we both started running. It wasn’t good to leave a town that was just attacked by zombies without erasing their memories but to me dying is even worse.

We made it back to the car, luckily, without the agency waiting for us. We were back on the road before we could even blink. I think the one thing that was even more fortunate for us was the fact they hadn’t set up any roadblocks yet so we were able to get away.

“Two-handed axe, huh?” I asked Alex, breaking the one-hour silence.

“Yeah,” she replied.

“You had to copy me, didn’t you?”

She just shook her head at me, and then she made another comment about her saving my life.

We got as far away from that town as we could go. It definitely wasn’t one of my better adventures but my sister and I were still alive and that should count as something. What was weird was that after we left I scoured the Internet for any news on what had happened and all that was said about it was that there was a virus outbreak. But how did they keep everyone quiet…?

Rise Above: Part Sixteen

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