13 Jan

Rise Above Part Fifteen

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I had no idea what the hell I was going to do. There were just too many of those damn zombies and too many people. One thing was for sure though: if the zombies were coming back then the necromancer would be nearby. The necromancer wouldn’t be able to control the zombies if they had taken off.

Everyone started screaming and running back to the building, but the zombies had already blocked off the entrance. That’s when everyone started running in every direction.

I really didn’t know what to do. There were so many that even if I started to kill them it wouldn’t be quick enough before more of these people started turning into them. I took a quick scan of the crowd looking for the monster that started all of this but they were nowhere to be seen.

“What are you doing?!” Mygle screamed as he popped up next to me.

“What?” I replied to him.

“Start killing them.”

“It would be pointless.”

“We still try.”

I looked at him pensively while the little red devil stared right back at me.

“We need to find the necromancer,” I told him.

“No kidding,” he replied. “Kill some on the way.”

The two of us got at it, killing zombies from left to right. The only problem was that there really were more people getting turned faster than we were killing them. At that rate we would end up killing the whole town. It just then dawned on me how many people had already died.

This was really bad and that was really starting to sink in how bad it really was. This whole town could be gone by the end of the day. I felt my stomach start to churn at the thought of that.

That is when I saw him, or her, or whatever it was. It was the necromancer, standing on the outskirts of the battle, hiding from Mygle and I. I made a B line right for it and when I was almost there it noticed me, but it was too late. I knocked the thing right over and sent it tumbling head over feet. It retrospect I should have just cut its head off right then, but that’s neither here nor there.

The necromancer got back up within a split second and hit me in the chest like it was a wrecking ball—don’t you dare start singing that song. I bet you are now, aren’t you?

I rolled back into the crowd of zombies and was immediately surround. I quickly escaped the sudden swarm and ran right towards the necromancer, but they were gone.

“Where the hell did it go?” I asked out loud.


I got hit in the back of the head with something. I never really saw what it was but I’m pretty sure whatever it was broke across my head.

Everything went fuzzy for a second as I stumbled to the ground, trying to stay conscious.

“Feeble paladin,” the necromancer taunted.

“Did you just say feeble?” I muttered.

“Cocky until the end. You shall die now.”

All of the zombies started to swarm me and Mygle was nowhere in sight. I was surrounded. I tried fighting the zombies off but by the time I gained my wits back one of them bit my and I felt sick. At that point I couldn’t even get one of them off my.

The necromancer just laughed, happy that he had beaten me, the famous Wes Parker. I heard Mygle shout from somewhere off in the distance but he was too far off to do anything.

The only comfort that I could take was that at least I wouldn’t turn into a zombie…

Rise Above: Part Fifteen

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