04 Jan

Rise Above Part Fourteen

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Where the hell did they go? Why did they all of a sudden walk away? If these zombies spread then we would be walking around in a real life zombie movie, which is not good—I don’t have to tell you that, though.

Mygle popped up next to me.

“Where’d the dead go?” he asked me.

“Gone,” I said to him, almost in a pathetic whimper. Look, I was worried okay? You try doing what I do.

Without saying another word I ran downstairs back to the panicked crowd. Looking back, maybe if I had tried to put on a better face things might have turned out differently.

“What’s wrong?” the kid who wanted to kill me asked.

“Nothing,” I tried.

“Something is definitely wrong.” His brow was furrowed.

“Beside the hundreds of zombies outside?” He didn’t appreciate my humor.

“What’s going on?” The kid was definitely older than me and bigger, so I’m sure he thought he could kick my ass. How silly of him.

“There are a bunch of zombies outside trying to eat everyone. Where have you been?”

Obviously, he had enough of my jokes. I knew this because he tried to attack me, but I quickly put him down.

“I don’t have time for this,” I explained to him.

I needed to get outside without alerting anyone to what was really going on.

“Why is it so quiet outside?” a woman standing near the door asked. She walked over to the window to look outside.

Uh oh.

“They’re gone!” she shouted. “All of them!”

“We can go outside!” another person shouted.

“That’s a very bad idea,” I tried.

No one listened to me and headed right outside like a flood, pouring out faster than you could imagine. You would think with everything that happened they would be a little more cautious.

“Even if they’re gone they are not dead!” I screamed. Still no one listened to me.

Mygle popped up next to me.

“They need to come back now,” he warned me.

“Why?” I asked.


I ran outside to try to call everyone back.

“Come back!” I yelled.

“We’re safe now,” the kid whose arm I nearly broke said to me.

“I really don’t think so.”

“Just stay away from us.”

“Listen to me,” I began, but it was too late. All of the zombies came out from behind the buildings and trees. There was no way everyone could get back into the building in time…

Rise Above: Part Fourteen

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