23 Dec

Rise Above Part Thirteen

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I knew there was something fishy about the mayor. He disappeared when I asked him to help me and looked like he was hiding something when we initially talked. There he was, trying to eat some poor helpless woman now that he was turned into a flesh-eating zombie.

Everyone was trying to pry the former mayor off the woman but they were quite unsuccessful. I’m not really sure what it is about zombies but they are a lot stronger than any normal human, not crazy strong like a troll or anything but strong for sure. Just another monster designed to kill humans, and they are very good at it. You people are really lucky that I am here to protect you. Well, sometimes.

I jumped across the lobby, avoiding people as I did, and knocked the mayor off of the woman. The woman stumbled with him but they were separated, so I used the opportunity to shoot the former mayor right in the head, ending it. Everyone looked back and forth at each other until eventually they drew their attention to me.

“You shot him,” one of the frightened men said to me.

“Yeah,” I replied with an obvious tone. “So?”

“You just killed the mayor.”

“He was already dead. If I didn’t kill him he would have eaten all of you.”

“He wouldn’t have turned if you didn’t show up,” the woman who was almost bitten said, pointing her finger right at me.

“If I hadn’t shown up at all you would all be dead by now.”

“Ever since he showed up all of this happened. Our mayor is dead and who knows how many others.”

A few people started joining this woman’s point of view, some of them even cheering. The more she talked the more the people started agreeing with her. I’ve seen how this goes before in movies and it never works out for the person on the receiving end of this.

“We should kill him,” a kid shouted.

“Yeah!” almost everyone shouted in unison.

“Seriously?” I asked.

“Someone grab him,” another person shouted.

Some did reach out for me but I grabbed their arm, twisted it and put them to the ground. I then took one of my guns and put it to their head.

“Listen,” I began, “I don’t want to kill you but I can, so please stop trying to kill me. I’ve told you I am not the cause of this but I am the one who can end it. So let me do what I do.”

Everyone started yelling and chanting that they should kill me. Then something dawned on me.

“Quiet,” I said.

No one listened to me.

“Quiet!” I shouted and shot into the air.

Everyone was quiet then, but that was the real problem: there was no sound outside either.

“Shit,” I breathed.

I let go of the guy I was holding and bolted up the stairs back to the rooftop. My heart almost hit the floor when I noticed it. All around the building the zombies were gone…

Rise Above: Part Thirteen

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