14 Dec

Rise Above Part Twelve

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I hoped that none of the zombies wandered off and were all trying to kill me. Something told me that the necromancer was going to keep all of the walking dead focused on me knowing that I was here, but if it were smart it would send them off to infect the world. Monsters were hardly smart, though.

I thought about just pegging them off one by one and even started to do that but I needed to cut it off at the source. If I killed the necromancer then all of the walking corpses would die, permanently. The magic the necromancer released lasted only as long as they did.

One after one they fell as I searched for the necromancer through the crowd but it was nowhere to be found.

“Hey!” Mygle shouted from behind me. I nearly jumped off the edge. Just because I am a paladin doesn’t mean that I don’t get scared, okay?

“What the hell is the matter with you?” I asked him as I pegged off some more zombies.


“You don’t sneak up on someone like that in a situation like this.”

“Suck it up.”

“How the hell are we going to stop all of this?”

Mygle just shook his head. I didn’t have anything to add either other than jumping down and start cutting their heads right off, hoping the whole time that they don’t bite you. That isn’t exactly the best option.

“We’re screwed,” I finally muttered.

“It doesn’t look well,” Mygle agreed with me.



“It doesn’t look good.”


“You said well.”


“Never mind.”

With no better ideas than to keep shooting them in the head I made my way back down to the lobby of the building that we were in. I still didn’t even notice what the building was. Oh don’t give me that. It’s not like any of you are the world’s greatest detective, with a great attention to detail.

The place was pretty much the same as it was before Mygle and I got the view of the zombies completely surrounding the building. That was until someone screamed.

“Come on Mygle, really?” I said out loud.

“What?” he asked me, popping up right next to me.

“Jeez.” I nearly cut his head off.


“I’m prepared.” I got a little defensive. “Wait a minute. If you’re here then why is that woman screaming. Oh crap.”

I looked out at the woman that scream and could see exactly why she screamed: the mayor was trying to eat her…

Rise Above: Part Twelve

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