16 Nov

Rise Above Part Ten

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The sound of the zombies trying to break in was almost enough to drown out all of the crying and the nervous chatter of everyone in the building—almost. Once everyone saw that I was inside they all stared at me like it was my fault, like I was the one who brought all of the zombies to life. If I wasn’t there they would all die and the world would be consumed by the undead. Because Mygle and I were there, everyone else was going to survive. At least that’s what I hoped for.

As I passed through the crowd a man stepped out in front of me, blocking my path. I couldn’t tell for sure but it looked like he wanted to punch me right in the mouth. I was ready for that attack though.

“You did this,” he said to me, putting a finger right in my chest. I told you they were going to blame me.

“I did this?” I asked stupidly. “I’m the one that tried to warn you.”

“He must have released a virus!” someone else shouted. Everyone yelled in agreement.

I was about to argue that it couldn’t have been a virus but the truth was much less believable to them.

“I don’t know what started this, but I can help,” I promised them.

“Who are you?” the first man asked.

“My name is Owen.” I made that name up of course. “You are?”

“I’m Mayor Wilson.” Great. This guy seemed like a real dinghole.

“Okay, Mayor Wilson. Those zombies outside are real.”

“No kidding.”

“We need to keep everyone in here until I take care of those things outside.”

“You’re not opening that door.”

“I didn’t plan on it. I can find another way out.”

“What do we do?” Everyone stared at me waiting for an answer. They were quick to blame me for this outbreak but now they were looking for an answer. Typical.

“Barricade yourselves inside here. Block the doors with whatever you can.” I stepped up closer to the mayor so only he could hear me. “We need to check if anyone has been bitten here. If we don’t find them now things are going get really bad really fast.”

Mayor Wilson looked at me like he still wanted to punch me. Everyone else started having their own conversations, no longer listening to what we were saying.

“How are we supposed to ask people without starting a panic?”

“Just ask them. I can cure them. Just get people to barricade the place shut so the zombies don’t get in.”

I walked around, thinking about how I was going to produce enough blood to save all of these people. I just hoped that not a lot of them got scratched or bitten.

I began asking people if they had been bitten and they looked at me like I was crazy. Almost everyone did, except for the ones who were bitten. They told me, hoping for something that would save them. The only problem was that people were a little resistant to having my blood injected into them. I forced one of them. I know, it’s horrible, but I knew that it would work so I did it anyway. First they threw up and everyone looked really angry.

“What the hell is the matter with you?” one of them shouted.

“Just give it a second,” I said to them, backing away as they approached me. After a few seconds the guy I injected stood up.

“Wait,” he called out. “Wait.”

Everyone turned back to the man and looked at the bite. It was still there but it didn’t look infected anymore.

“I feel better,” the man said.

Everyone then looked at me, not so angry anymore. I took out three more syringes and filled them all up. I handed them to the guy that I just cured.

“You just need to give them a little bit,” I told him.

“What will happen if I use too much?” he asked me.

“Nothing. Just don’t waste it.”

I gave him to enough to give to people so I could figure out how to deal with the zombies. There was a loud scream from a woman that erupted from the crowd somewhere near the front. The zombies had breached the building…

Rise Above: Part Ten

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