24 Oct

Rise Above Part Seven

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The first body rose up and the rest came shortly after. The necromancer needed to find the body in the very most center of the graveyard and the dead start rising. We were there to stop them but if we didn’t start moving quickly the number of zombies was going to rise—no pun intended—faster than we could handle.

The body was pushing itself out of the ground like it was crawling though fluff. The necromancer backed away from the rising zombie until it was gone. The body was in pretty bad shape, almost completely deteriorated.

I jumped toward the zombie with a single bound, closing the distance between it and me. Without thinking I chopped its head right off. Unfortunately I didn’t kill it before the next one started to rise. If you can kill all of the risen ones before the next one rises then it stops.

“We need to get the zombies, ignore the necromancer,” I said to Mygle.

“I know that,” he said.

Together we started killing them as they rose, but they were coming up fast.

“This isn’t going well,” Mygle pointed out.

“I’ve noticed that,” I replied. “Just keep killing them and shut up.”


I leapt from tombstone to tombstone killing the dead as they tried to rise from their graves. As I looked around though I could see there were already a lot of zombies walking around.

I stopped focusing on all of the ones rising out of the graves and killing the ones walking around. There were more walking around every second, more than the two of us could handle.

“We’re out of our depth here,” I shouted to Mygle.

“Speak yourself,” he replied to me as the zombies closed in on him. Everyone knows, or should know, that I am impervious to any of the viruses that monsters can inflict on people, but for whatever reason when a zombie bites me I get really nauseous. When I’m throwing up and surrounded by zombies you can imagine that I might actually die.

“We need to run, Mygle!” I shouted. “NOW!”

Mygle disappeared, reappeared in front of me, and then we were both past the cemetery. The zombies must have had some sort of homing sense on us because they immediately turned around and started running towards us. Yes, I should mention that these zombies are the ones that can run and eat you. Not those slow useless ones.

“Run,” Mygle ordered. I was not in a mood to argue so I did.

We both took off as fast as we could, heading who knows where.

“Do you know where we are going?” I asked the little red devil.

“Towards the town,” he said.

“What?” It was too late.

We came out of the woods into the center of the town. There was some sort of festival going on because it looked like the entire town my have been there. Oh boy…

Rise Above: Part Seven

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