22 Oct

Rise Above Part Six

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There were so many graves that if the necromancer started to raise the dead that town would be overrun so fast. The two of us started running through the graveyard, darting in between tombstones while trying not to step on anyone’s grave.

I worried about my sister but it wasn’t like anyone could get in there. I was just afraid she might get out before I could get back to her.

“What?” Mygle asked me.

“My sister,” I said to him.

“She’ll be okay. She paladin.”

“She’s new to all of this, Mygle.”

“She’ll be fine. Worry about us now.”

“Good point.”

We searched back and forth through the cemetery but couldn’t find the necromancer anywhere.

“Where is he?” I asked out loud.

Just then I was kicked in the back and sent right through a tombstone. As I rolled on the ground I could see the necromancer every time my face was pointed in that direction. Eventually I stopped and regained my composure.

Necromancers look like what you’d expect them to: pale skin with what looks like tattoos but are actually veins, sharp teeth, white eyes and a bald head. It hissed at us and Mygle attacked. Necromancers are strong and fast so when Mygle attacked he was unsuccessful. We were going to kill it but it wasn’t going to be easy.

I got back up and charge it like a bull. When I swung my axe it was aimed right for the thing’s neck but hit nothing but air. It then tried to hit me in the chest with the staff it was holding—yeah, they have staves—but I sidestepped and knocked it out of the away. I elbowed it in the face and then took its legs right out from underneath it. As quick as it hit the ground, though, it was right back up knocking me down again. I rolled away from it.

“I will awaken the dead and lay waste to these people,” it said. When they speak they sound like a dozen voices at once.

“I really don’t think so,” I told it. It merely smiled.

“You cannot stop us, Wes Parker.” Why does everything know my name?

Mygle popped up next to it and kicked it to the ground, hard. When it got back up the three of us engaged in a fight. You would think that with two on one it would be a quick and easy fight but this thing could move.

Eventually I was able to slice across its stomach, but it was only a minor cut. The thing spun its staff in a crazy manner knocking both of us away from it.

“Now is the time,” it said as it jabbed its staff into one of the graves.

“Crap!” I yelled.

The first body started to rise out of the grave…

Rise Above: Part Six

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