17 Oct

Rise Above Part Five

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Let me tell you about necromancers: sort of like witches, and warlocks I guess, but with only one power. They can bring the dead back to life. Yeah people, I’m talking about zombies. These aren’t the slow walking kind either but the ones that can run and catch you if you aren’t quick enough. They’ll turn you if they bite or scratch you just like in the movies and on TV.

Necromancers literally don’t have any other power other than that but it sure is a nasty one. I have only run into a couple of them in the past and luckily stopped them before it escalated but that was in smaller towns. This place was a lot bigger.

“You saw it?” I asked Mygle. I just refer to them as it because I wasn’t sure if they were male or female.

“Yes,” he replied.

“We need to get to the cemetery here before it does.”

“Follow me.”

Mygle disappeared.

“Mygle!” I shouted.

“What?” his voice came from nowhere.

“I can’t see you.”

“Oh, right. Sorry.” He reappeared.

“Thank you.”

He took off. For something so small he sure was a fast little demon. No, Mygle isn’t a demon but a gremlin. They might as well be the same, though. He is a monster but he is a good one and has saved me more than once.

“Where’s your sister?” Mygle asked me.

I debated if I wanted to tell him about the bunker or not. You would think I trusted him enough by now but this was something I felt like only paladins should know. So that meant just my sister and I.

“She’s busy,” I finally answered him.

He looked back at me and just nodded his head. I could tell that he could tell that I wasn’t telling him something.

“She’s locked up right now,” I continued. “I just want to leave it at that for now.”

“Okay,” he responded without question.

“How far is the cemetery?”

“Not far.”

“How big is it?”

“I’d rather not answer.”

That made me extremely nervous.

“Why not?” I asked him.

“You see.”

“Was that a question?”


“Dude, you really need to work on your English.”


We were running through the woods. The trees started to thin out until eventually they were gone all together and we were at the cemetery where the necromancer would raise the dead. It was huge. I couldn’t even count how many graves there were. Once this thing started raising the dead we were screwed. We needed to find it and quick…

Rise Above: Part Five

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