14 Oct

Rise Above Part Four

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I was sitting on a rock, flipping a stick in my hand while I waited for my sister. I knew there was some sort of monster in that town but I didn’t want to leave her in case she got out before I was done. I knew it would take a while, but still. Little did I know I wouldn’t be able to wait.

There was a noise off in the distance, but not too far away. I dropped the stick, reached for my axes, and slowly stood up. Without waiting for whatever it was to come after me I moved forward toward the sound. After a few steps I heard another branch crack, this time closer.

I unhitched my axes from my belt, ready to cut the thing’s head off. Maybe this was going to be quicker than I had expected. I heard the noise again right behind a tree no more than 10 feet away from me.

With care and patience I stalked towards the tree. I put my back to it and took a deep breath. I wasn’t sure what I was about to fight so I was a little nervous. I let out a sigh, jumped around the tree and buried my axe into the tree. Luckily I was able to move it at the second before I killed who was making the noise.

“MYGLE!” I shouted.

“Your aim terrible,” he replied. I almost forgot how awful his English was.

I almost gave him a hug, I was so happy to see him. But then I remembered I would never want to do that.

“You’re alive!” I said with a hint of glee. If you remember the last time that I saw him was right after I killed Larry and when the Agency tried to arrest us.

“Of course I am,” he said with obvious arrogance.

“I haven’t seen you in weeks. I thought you were dead.”

“Almost. We got away right before they kill us.”

“Do you think that maybe at some point you could have found me and told me?”

“Been very busy. Father has been trying to kill me.”

“Where’s the rest of your crew?”

The look on his face turned very sad.

“Father got to them,” he told me.

“Sorry,” I said to him.

“Never mind that now.”

“So you’re the monster we felt when we got here.”



“I just got here.”

“So what did I feel before?”

Mygle looked like he didn’t want to tell me whatever it was. He looked down at his feet.

“Spit it out, Mygle,” I blurted.

“It’s a necromancer,” he told me.

I stared at him.

“Seriously?” I finally replied.

“Yeah,” he replied.

I can never win…

Rise Above: Part Four

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