10 Oct

Rise Above Part Three

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I didn’t bother finding a place for us to stay because I didn’t want to have to stay there any longer than I needed to. We pulled up to the parking lot to the walking path that led to the bunker. There were other people there but they would never be able to find the place.

The two of us got out of the car.

“We need to head down this path,” I told her, pointing towards the entrance.

“What about the monsters?” she asked me.

“We’ll deal with them after we head to the bunker. We need to go there first.”

Alex just shrugged her shoulders and we continued onward.

It was nice being in the open air like that, walking through the woods without chasing something or something chasing me. Although, it was only a matter of time before whatever monster that was there would be on us.

We passed some people on the path and they nodded. I reciprocated the act and nodded back to them but my sister didn’t. I looked down at her.

“You should be a little more polite,” I told her.

“What, are you my father?” she asked me with a snap.

“No, I’m your brother and I’m telling you that you should be a little more polite when dealing with people.”

“Why? Karma? I’m going to act like I want to.”

How did she know about karma? This girl was wise beyond her years.

“Yes,” I finally said with a sigh, “karma.”

“How so?” she questioned me.

“Let’s look at it this way: you pass by someone on the street and they can either be nice and nod or mean and rude. Which are you more likely to remember?”

She remained silent.

“Let me answer,” I continued. “It’s the jerk, because humans complain about the people that are mean to them and then tell everyone about it later.”

“So what?” Alex continued to miss the point.

“Let’s say something bad happens, like a bunch of monsters attack, and you forget to wipe someone’s memory, do you think they will remember any suspicious characters?”

“It’s not like we would forget to wipe anyone’s memory.”

“I have.”

“I wouldn’t.”

“You would.”

“No I won’t.”

“We’re here.” I blurted it out so loud I wasn’t sure there was anyone who didn’t hear us.

The bunker looked ordinary, like something out of the 1800s but we all knew it wasn’t ordinary at all. I walked up to the door and, out of pure curiosity, I decided to try to open the door but it didn’t budge.

“You said it wouldn’t open,” she pointed out.

“I wanted to try,” I told her.

“What do I do?”

“Just walk up and open the door.”

She walked up to the door and there was a loud clicking noise. I forgot about that.

Alex was suddenly reluctant to go in but after a wave of my hand she opened the door and stepped through. The door shut behind her with a daunting thud, and that is when the shit hit the fan…

Rise Above: Part Three

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