05 Oct

Rise Above Part Two

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We were in the car heading towards Tennessee and were not far off. The road seemed longer and narrower for some reason.

Alex sat in the passenger seat with her feat up on the dash, enjoying the ride. I think there’s some sort of law that says she is supposed to be in the back seat because she’s under the age of twelve, but she’s tall for her age and she’s a paladin, not a human, so I let it pass.

This all had to be scary and new to her. Less than three months ago she was still living with her parents and living her life normally. Now she was hunting monsters with her brother that she had no idea existed. I didn’t know she existed either more than a day before her, but I was used to hunting monsters at least.

“Get your feat off the dash,” I said to her.

“Seriously?” she fired back.

“No, not really. It’s just something parents always say to their kids in movies.”

“I’m not your kid.”

“No you are not. I was just trying to break the silence.”

She didn’t say anything for a minute, continuing the silence.

“I’m not taking my feet down,” she informed me, defiantly.

“I don’t really expect you to,” I replied.

Suddenly there was a fire in her eyes and she was very excited. She put her feet down and sat up, like she was ready to jump out of the car.

“What kind of weapon can I take?” she asked. “Will it be axes like yours?”

“It all depends,” I explained to her.

“On what? Does the weapon choose you?”

I shrugged my shoulders. “Kind of.”

“That’s lame.”

“It is what it is. To be honest, when I have to leave my axes or guns behind I feel like I’m leaving my arms. Your weapon is an extension of you and when you find the right weapon, you’ll feel it.”

“Okay, sensei.”

“Laugh all you want but you won’t be when you come out of there.”

We both got quiet, real quiet.

“Are we in the town?” Alex asked me.

“You know that we are,” I replied with a lot of bitterness.

The moment we crossed the line we could feel it: there were monsters here.

“Can’t we ever go anywhere?” Alex asked.

“Not really,” I replied as I turned to look at her. “Get ready, because this is going to suck…”

Rise Above: Part Two

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