14 Sep

The Good Witch of the East End Mall Part Thirteen

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I’ve told you that I hate ghosts before, right? They are impossible to kill unless you know what they want or need and can give it to them. Those ghosts were brought there by the witches that were standing outside, so the only thing they needed was for the witches to tell them they were done. So getting rid of them was going to be impossible.

I looked around at all of the civilians trying to think of a way to save them, because at any moment those ghosts were going to start attacking us.

“How?” Helena asked.

“The fact that you’re baffled by this makes me feel nervous,” I stated. “More nervous than I already am.”

“I don’t understand how they have this much power.”

“Witches never cease to amaze me.”

“I want to get out of here,” Alex whined. “I told you we should not have come here.”

“She’s probably right,” Helena agreed with her.

I whipped my head around. “What?”

“You probably shouldn’t have come.”

“You told me to come here.”

“I did.”

“And now you think I shouldn’t have?”

“I didn’t expect this to happen.”

“If we make it out of this alive I am going to kill you.”

The ghosts began to stir, slowly walking around the second floor, taunting us. All of the people in the mall started moving closer to us, somehow knowing that if they were going to survive it would be with us. I wasn’t sure why they thought that we were going to save them. I didn’t even know how we were going to stay alive.

I looked over at Helena expecting her to show me some bit of confidence but there was nothing but fear in her eyes. We were definitely dead.

All of a sudden the ghosts flew down from the balcony and swooped right towards us. When they were almost within arms reach a white glow surrounded us, protecting us from the evil spirits. I glanced over at Helena and saw that she was the one who put it up. She managed to engulf a few people besides us but the brunt of them were left out in the open.

It was really hard to watch and even more impossible to just stand there and do nothing, but there was nothing that we could do. The screams were going to haunt me for the rest of my life. I can only imagine how Alex felt.

“We have to do something!” she shouted.

I grabbed her hand, trying to tell her that there was nothing we could do.

“Please!” she yelled again.

“I’m sorry!” I replied.

After the screaming began to dwindle the ghosts focused their efforts on the bubble protecting us.

“I don’t know how much longer I can hold them off,” Helena shouted as she fell to one knee.

I could see the bubble start to crack. We would be dead within seconds…

The Good Witch of the East End Mall: Part Thirteen


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