20 Aug

The Good Witch of the East End Mall Part Five

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The fact that the entire mall lost power when it was perfectly sunny outside made me a little more than nervous. To any normal person on a normal day that might seem odd but they would move on and just leave. To someone like me it was a lot more than odd and it meant something was after us. My guess is the witch had something to do with it.

“You set us up,” I said to Helena reaching for my gun. I didn’t bring my axes because I wouldn’t be able to hide them as easily in such a crowded place.

“This is not me,” she promised me.

“Yeah, forgive me if I don’t find you to be a very reliable source.”

“Believe me or don’t believe me. If you wish to live then you will come with me.”

“’Come with me if you want to live’,” I said with a smile. Helena and my sister, who looked terrified by the way, did not find that amusing. “Neither of you? Whatever. Fine I don’t have a choice right now do I?”

Helena didn’t bother responding and started walking away from the door.

“Shouldn’t we leave the building?” I asked her.

“The doors are locked,” she replied.

I turned back to the door and tried to open it and sure enough it was locked. Crap.

“I don’t trust her,” Alex said to me, tugging on my arm.

“I don’t either,” I responded.

“But we don’t have a choice.”

“Not really.”

We both silenced after that and started after Helena, not really knowing what the heck was going on. Everyone in the mall pulled out their cellphones and used the flashlights to see. Even though there were skylights all over the place and huge front doors there was almost no light inside that building. I had a feeling that whoever was killing the lights was preventing any light from seeping in. I could see in the dark without a flashlight.

I began to wonder where we were heading to since we couldn’t leave the mall.

“Where are we going?” I asked Helena.

“Back to my store,” she replied.

“Which is what?”

“This one.” She pointed toward the shop we were heading for. It was some generic clothing store.

We walked in and there was a girl standing right by the door.

“Helena!” she practically shouted. “What’s going on?”

“Not now,” Helena replied with the wave of her hand.

The girl just huffed some air as we headed for the back of the store.

“What’s going on?” I asked her.

“There are some who would prefer that I didn’t tell you what I know,” she explained to me.

“And what is that?”

“Soon. We don’t have time right now.”

“Why?” Alex chimed in. “Who’s after us?”

Helena stopped moving and let out a quick sigh. A look came over her face that actually made me feel a little more nervous than I already was: fear.

“The Coven,” she told us…

The Good Witch of the East End Mall: Part Five


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