13 Aug

The Good Witch of the East End Mall Part Two

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Let’s take a quick trip back to that fun moment shall we? We were held up in a cheap motel, as I always am, somewhere in the middle of the country. I hadn’t really paid attention to where we were because I was too depressed about what happened after our encounter with Bigfoot.

I had just gotten out of the shower and was drying myself off with the crappy towel from the motel. Please keep your head out of the gutter. I was looking into the mirror that was covered in condensation, contemplating what I could do to save Kelly. All of a sudden writing started appearing on the mirror. It caught me by surprise so I jumped back and crashed into the wall.

“Are you okay?” Alex shouted.

“Yeah,” I replied. “I just slipped.”

“Yeah, sure.”

I watched as the writing continued appearing on the mirror telling me where to be and when, and then a name: Helena. Normally I would have ignored it and ran out of that place faster than I could snap my fingers but then it added they could help with Kelly. At that point Helena, whoever the hell that was, had my attention.

I ran out of the bathroom.

“We have to go,” I told Alex.

“Where?” She was annoyed. We literally just got there.


“Delaware? Why?”

“We need to meet someone.”

I explained everything to her. She was a little resistant to leave and I couldn’t really blame her.

And now here we are, standing outside of the mall that Helena told me to meet her. We walked through the front doors.

It was very overwhelming, being in such a crowded place that was so small.

“You okay there?” Alex asked me, sensing my anxiety.

“Yeah,” I told her. “I just haven’t been to a mall in years.”

“Really? Why?”

“Crowded place.”

“Oh yeah, right.”

There were people everywhere. It felt even worse than that time I was in New York City, back at that hotel full of gremlins. Speaking of gremlins, I wasn’t sure if Mygle was still alive. I wished that redheaded jerk would show his face so I would know if he were alive or not.

I had no idea where Helena was because she didn’t say where exactly to meet her.

“I guess we start looking,” I stated.

“Where should we start?” Alex asked.

“My guess would be to look for the creepiest looking lady in the place. She’ll probably be behind a crystal ball or something.”

“You know she’s a monster, right?”

“Either an elf or a witch.”

“Should we split up?”

“Nope. Let’s go.”

We wandered around the mall searching for someone who spoke to me by writing on a mirror. There was no way this was going to end well…

The Good Witch of the East End Mall: Part Two


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