29 Jul

Hairy Situation Part Ten

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I couldn’t believe my eyes. I’ve never seen talking bears in my lifetime, so I definitely have never seen them turn into humans. It took all of five seconds to realize that I needed to do something, but whom do I go after? I’ve known Kelly for a long time, but Alex was my sister. Plus she couldn’t defend herself as well. My mind was made.

I bolted through the bushes in the direction the bear-man thing took Alex. Right after I reached another clearing I clipped my shoulder on something and spun around, almost toppling over backwards. When I looked to see what it was I saw Bigfoot standing in front of me.

He let out a low growl.

“Wait,” I said, putting up my hands.

He took one step towards me but stopped.

“Listen,” I began, “I don’t like you and you don’t like me, that’s clear, but they took my sister.”

I wasn’t completely positive at first but it looked like he understood me. It looked like his face turned from anger to concern but it was hard to tell on an eight-foot monster with hair covering its face.

“The bears that were here took my sister and my friend,” I explained to him. I felt stupid talking to him like this but I really didn’t need him knocking me out again.

Bigfoot still looked like he wanted to eat me alive but he managed to pry his eyes off of me and began sniffing in the air. After a few seconds he stopped and took off running. I immediately went after him.

Even though he was large he was so much faster than I expected. I had to run at full speed just to keep up with him.

We were running for what felt like forever when all of a sudden one of the guys, the one carrying Kelly, ran out in front of us. I was very interested in catching this person or whatever he was because I was not in the mood to be running after a naked dude. Luckily he was much slower than we were but when we got closer he threw Kelly off to the side and morphed back into a bear.

Bigfoot went to attack him but the bear managed to knock him to the side since he was still running full speed. I on the other hand sidestepped just before I reached him, took out my axe and cut across his belly.

“You son of a bitch,” he said to me.

“Hey!” I yelled. “Don’t talk about my mother like that. Now where’s my sister.”

“He’ll have reached our pack by now.” He must have been referring to his other brother. “She’ll be dead soon.”

“Where’s your pack?”

“I’ll die first.”

“What are you?”

“A morph.”

I didn’t give him another chance to say anything and chopped off his head.

“Whatever the hell that is,” I added.

I walked over to Kelly who was slowly starting to wake up.

“I shouldn’t have let that happened,” she moaned.

“You’re not quite yourself yet,” I pointed out.

“Let’s go find your sister.”

I don’t think she realized that Bigfoot was with us yet. We must have gotten no more than 20 feet when three figures stumbled in front of us. It was three agents from Kelly’s agency…

Hairy Situation: Part Ten

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