08 Jul

Hairy Situation Part Two

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We headed to the scene of the attack in the car we bought with our fake identities. I really wished that I could go back to my garage and retrieve all of my stuff, including my bike, but if I did go there I would definitely wind up running into the agency. There was no doubt they were watching my storage unit, waiting.

I pulled the car up to the park where the person was attacked. There were police and medics on the scene.

“Something occurred to me,” I began. “If we still hunt monsters we are more than likely to run into the agency.”

“Probably,” Kelly agreed. “Does that mean we should stop?”

“Nope. Let’s just hope that we don’t run into any here.”

Everyone started getting out of the car.

“What are you doing?” I asked Alex.

“Going with you,” she explained.

“No you’re not. Let’s not just focus on the fact that you are not ready but that it would look a little weird bringing an 11-year-old to a crime scene. It is bad enough being 17.” Oh crap. My birthday was coming up soon.

“Come on?”

“Get back in the car.”

Alex grunted and slammed the door as she climbed back in.

“Kids,” I said to Kelly.

“Aren’t you only six years older than her?” she asked me.

“Shut up.”

There were a couple of bystanders standing on the outskirts of the taped off area. Most of them were murmuring to each other.

“Can you believe this?” one of the girls said.

“I know,” another agreed. “A bear attack.”

“A bear?” I asked them.

“Yeah,” the first one said.

“Did it look like a bear but maybe was something else?”

“No. It was a bear. I saw it. It wandered out of the woods, attacked the woman and then took off.”

“Are you sure it was just a bear?”

“Are you deaf? Yes, it was a bear. And what do you mean just a bear?”

I turned to Kelly.

“Let’s go,” I said.

“Yup,” Kelly agreed.

We left the scene and headed back to the car.

“Did you think to maybe check the story before we headed here?” I asked Kelly, making sure she knew I was very aggravated.

“It said animal attack,” she explained. “We are here to find the monster so I assumed the worst.”

“What a waste of a time.”

“Hey!” someone called off from the side. It was a guy that looked like he had seen much better days. “Come here.”

I was a little weary of going over there but I could kill vampires so I wasn’t that afraid.

“Yeah?” I asked him.

“It wasn’t a bear,” he said.

“The girl was extremely sure that it was a bear.”

“People don’t know what they see.”

“Did you see it?”

“No, but bears just don’t randomly attack.”

“Sometimes they do. We’re out of here.”

Kelly and I walked back towards the car.

“I’ve seen something before,” the man yelled after us. “In the woods.”

I was intrigued so I turned around.

“Saw what?” I asked skeptically.

He took in a deep breath, like he was afraid to say it. “Bigfoot…”

Hairy Situation: Part Two

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