24 Jun

Under the Sea Part Twelve

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I looked around at all of the terrified officers and none of them were dead. Most of them were terrified but they were alive none-the-less. Lenny and Roy were heading up the beach towards me but slower than I would have liked. It looked like they were up to something.

“I think we need to get out of here, now,” I said to Kelly and Alex.

“Good idea,” Kelly agreed.

Alex bolted into the car and Kelly followed right behind her. I was about to get into the car myself.

“Don’t run,” Roy begged. “Don’t make this any more difficult than it has to be.”

“We’ve been over this already,” I began. “I’m not going to prison or my death.”

“You don’t have much of a choice.”

I scanned the area around me again and realized that some of the officers were agents from before. No one was even hurt.

“You didn’t need my help for this,” I pointed out.

“No,” Roy confirmed.

“You almost died every time that we hunted a monster. This was no problem for you.”

“Those were all special circumstances. We were fighting way more monsters than we’re used to and some of them were the first of their kind. That’s more for any human to handle.”

I knew that was the truth and I was mad at myself for not knowing that he was there spying on me. Although, why would I have any reason to think that he was? I hated him for that.

“Look,” he began with an innocent voice, “I’m sorry that I had to lie to you but that doesn’t change what needs to happen.”

“You’re so full of it,” I practically shouted. “You deceived me and now you would see me locked in a cell or dead. Don’t pretend that you cared.”

Roy’s face turned red and his mouth pressed so tight his lips were turning white.

“Fine,” he replied. “Either come back with us or we’ll kill you.”

There was the Roy I had seen lately. Something occurred to me.

“That’s why you were being nice to me when I first got here,” I pointed out, “because you didn’t want me to leave.”

Roy nodded his head, confirming what I was saying.

“You just needed to keep me here.”


“You really are a donkey face.” I said something a little bit worse than that.

There were twice as many agents as there were when we were back at the motel. Roy and Lenny could have dealt with the mermaids without me with, no problem. Well, it would have been harder but they would have managed. They just wanted to keep us there long enough for more agents to show up.

A helicopter flew above us and the thud of the propeller boomed above as I realized that we were utterly screwed…

Under the Sea: Part Twelve

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