23 Jun

Under the Sea Part Eleven

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I moved my head to the left and let the spear cruise right passed me. It whizzed by my ear and eventually dug into the sand behind me without impaling anyone. I was careful to check that no one else was going to get hit by it.

The head mermaid charged at me with some sort of gurgled battle cry. The rest of them followed suit. There were probably 10 of them, nothing too crazy. When the mermaid reached me he tried to tackle me but I sidestepped and knocked him to the ground. Once again it could have been a she.

All of the officers started shooting and a couple of them almost hit me.

“Hey!” I shouted over the gunfire. “Watch your aim!”

I looked over at Roy who was fighting one of the mermaids and wasn’t doing too bad. I mean the mermaid was clearly stronger but Roy was faster. I seemed to have forgotten that he was a good fighter.

“Die human!” the head mermaid shouted as he tried to grab my neck. I grabbed his arms and threw him into a barrel roll.

“I’m not human,” I said to him. “I’m a paladin.”

“I knew I smelled you.”

“Smell? You smelled me? I really am going to kill you.”

One of the other fish came at me with a spear and jabbed it towards my torso. I knocked it out of the way and swung to chop off its head. The problem is that I didn’t have my axes with me so I just punched it in the head instead. Despite how soft they looked they had very hard heads. It still dropped to the ground, though.

“You guys fall down easy, don’t you?” I said to them. It only made them angrier.

That’s when I heard a scream come from the parking lot. I turned around and saw a couple of the mermaids heading for the car that my sister and Kelly were sitting in.

“Damn,” I breathed.

I took off without worrying about anyone that was fighting on the beach. On my way up I grabbed the spear that had been thrown at me before and sent it flying at one of the giant fish that was heading towards my car—stolen car. It hit the thing in the back and dropped it on the spot, but there was still two more.

Kelly got out of the car and looked like she was about to start fighting them.

“Kelly!” I shouted. “Get my axes.”

“I can handle this,” she tried.

“Grab my axes!”

She looked like she wanted to argue more but Alex beat her to the punch and threw both of my axes to me. I grabbed them out of the air and started a fight with the mermaids. They actually put up a better fight than the other two had.

One of them stabbed at my head but I spun, knocked the spear out of the way, and chopped its head off. The other one then tried to take advantage of me with my back to it by stabbing at my shoulder. It nicked it just a little bit but I grabbed the spear and whipped it over my head, slamming it into the pavement. While it was down I drove my axe into its chest. I then turned around and prepared for more of them.

“What the hell?” I said. All of the mermaids were dead, and that is when it really hit the fan…

Under the Sea: Part Eleven

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