20 Jun

Under the Sea Part Ten

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They were mermaids. At least I think they were mermaids. They didn’t look like your typical Disney princess types but more like something out of a horror movie. Granted I didn’t know if they were actually mermaids but they had heads and the bodies of a fish but with arms and legs like a human. They were covered in scales and everything was webbed but it wasn’t something that you would see on a fish.

The creatures climbed out of the water and made their way up the beach towards everyone. All of the officers and other police workers started to back away, some ran. I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do because I didn’t know what these things were capable of. I thought we were done with monsters that we had never heard of before popping up?

“What the hell are those things?” Walker asked.

“I don’t know,” Roy replied, slowly backing up.

“Mermaids,” I said.



“Yeah. What else would you call them?”

“Fish monsters.”

“Like I said, mermaids.”

The fish monsters were getting closer, almost out of the water. They were all holding spears like Atlantean warriors or something. Everyone backed up, including Roy and Lenny but I took a step forward. Nope. Okay, sorry. That was a lie. I backed up just like everyone else because I was a little scared. Don’t act like you’re all brave heroes. You’d all be crapping in your pants if you saw these things.

“What are you things?” I yelled to the creatures.

“Are you crazy?” Lenny whispered.

“Shut up.”

The creatures continued to approach, silently, until they finally were out of the water. One of them, probably their leader, stepped forward.

“Be silent, humans,” it said with a bubbly voice. Not like he was cheery but like he was under water. “We are here to take over your world.”

“Are you supposed to meet Larry by chance?” I asked him, or her.


“The phoenix creature?”


“Yeah, he’s dead.”


“I killed him like two weeks ago. You’re a little late to the party.”

The thing actually looked confused.

“HA!” I shouted. “That’s hilarious. You were supposed to help all of the other monsters and you’re late?” I couldn’t stop my laughter.

“Wes, stop,” Roy begged.

“I can’t.”

“Seriously, cut it out.”

I just continued to laugh.

“Enough!” the fish shouted and threw a spear right for my head…

Under the Sea: Part Ten

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