16 Jun

Under the Sea Part Eight

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A woman police officer, who looked important, was making her way over to us.

“Who is this?” she asked with a stern voice, pointing directly at my face.

“This is agent Sterns,” Roy answered her.

“Little young, isn’t he?”

“He is a rookie, ma’am.”

“Don’t call me ma’am.”


She looked me in the face again.

“Hello,” I said, slightly intimidated.

“You gentlemen got here very quick, didn’t you?”

I didn’t blame her for being suspicious, the attack literally just happened.

“I just put the call out and you guys show up right after we do,” she pointed out.

“Agent Jones and I were in the area on another case and decided to lend a hand,” Roy explained to her. “Agent Sterns over here was off for the weekend visiting family. We called him in.”

“I don’t see why this really concerns any of you. I know this has to do with what was going on recently.”

“You think terrorists did this?”

“Don’t patronize me. I know there was something else going on. Are you going to tell me there were all of these animal attacks and that the terrorists were doing it?”

So many questions popped into my head at that moment. Everyone had monsters attack their town so she would know what really happened, right? Maybe this town didn’t get attacked. None of the TV reports said there were animal attacks, but then again before everything went down there were reports of animal attacks. What the hell was going on?

“I’m not sure what you are talking about,” Roy said with genuine confusion.

“My ass,” the woman officer said. “You guys have any ideas?”

“Animal attack.”

Her face turned a little red as she smiled. “Of course. Let me know if me and my officers can you help you fine boys.” I feel like that was a shot at my age.

She walked away.

“She seems pleasant,” I said. “Why doesn’t she know what happened? What’s with the terrorist reports?”

“I’m not sure what you mean,” Roy said, shrugging his shoulders.

“For cryin’ out loud. Whatever.”

I looked back out at the ocean.

“So are we going swimming?” I asked.

There was a splash and something came flying out of the water from about 100 yards out. It was heading right for us.

“Back up!” Roy yelled and everyone that was near complied.

When the object hit the wet sand there was a thud. Everyone either gasped or screamed. Sitting in front of us was a severed head lying on its side…

Under the Sea: Part Eight

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