14 May

From the Ashes Chapter Four Part Twenty

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We ran. Well, Alex and I ran. I had Kelly hoisted over my shoulder in a fireman’s carry because she was in no shape to run by herself. I was surprised at how fast Alex was moving, but then again she is a paladin just like me.

I kept peaking over my shoulder to see if anyone was following us but so far no one was. It looks like Mygle and his gang of gremlins was keeping them pretty well distracted. I wasn’t really sure how the hell we were going to get out of there considering fields is the one who brought us in but we would find a way.

Eventually we made it into the town and there wasn’t a monster in sight. There was no doubt in my mind at that point that the monsters throughout the world had retreated at that point. People were wandering around the streets looking very scared and very confused. I didn’t have the time to try to make them comfortable.

“Wes,” Alex cried in between breaths. “What are we going to do?” She was on the verge of tears.

I put Kelly down and she fell to her knees.

“Listen,” I said as soothingly as possible. “I know you are scared and that this sucks. I promise you that I will explain everything but for right now we just need to focus on getting out of here, okay?”

She nodded her head like a champ and fought back the tears.

“Now,” I began, “we need a way out of here.”

“There’s a minivan over there,” Alex said, pointing to the side of the street.

“You want to steal it?”

“Well, yeah.”

“Do you know how to hotwire a car?”


“I can,” Kelly contributed.

“Are you okay enough for that?” I asked her.


“Okay, but the minivan will be to slow. We need something faster.”

I looked around and could see why Alex recommended the soccer-mom car: it was the only one that wasn’t destroyed.

“Huh,” I sighed. “I guess are options are actually pretty limited.”

“There’s another one over there,” Kelly pointed out. It was a brand new looking black Dodge Charger.

“That is more like it.”

We all ran over to the car and it opened right up. Whatever idiot owned this car wasn’t dumb enough to lock it, which was nice because that meant I didn’t have to break the window. Kelly got to work.

“Won’t someone see us?” Alex asked me.

“Everyone is too distracted,” I pointed. “They were just attacked by imaginary creatures.”

Kelly cut some wires and rubbed them together and voila, the car came to life. All of us jumped in with me in the driver’s seat. We put Kelly in the back so she could lie down.

I pushed the pedal down and got out of there as quickly as I could.

“What’s going on?” Alex asked.

“Well you obviously know that there are monsters,” I pointed out. “We are paladins.”

“What does that mean?”

“We are kind of like monsters; strong and fast, but we’re the good guys.”


“We kill the monsters.”

Alex seemed overwhelmed. It wasn’t that she didn’t believe me but that she was just afraid of it. I didn’t really blame her.

Kelly fell asleep in the back seat and Alex stared out the window. I kept the car in motion, heading into the unknown. Everything had changed. The world looked a lot different now and I had know idea what was going to happen next…

From the Ashes: Chapter Four Part Twenty

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