11 May

From the Ashes Chapter Four Part Nineteen

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I definitely caught Fields by surprise. She obviously didn’t expect me to charge at her like that. I wasn’t kidding around at that point. I just saved the world and got rid of a tyrannical monster. There was no way the agency was going to arrest my sister, Kelly and me.

I faked like I was going to chop her head off and then kicked her in the stomach. It was true that I was digging myself a hole but at the time I didn’t care.

Roy pulled out his gun and pointed it at my head.

“Back up, Wes,” he warned me.

Fields got back up, quicker than I expected, and stepped in front of Roy.

“Leave this to me,” she ordered him.

“Are you stupid?” I asked her. “You can’t win against me. Not alone.”

“You wouldn’t be the first paladin I’ve fought in my lifetime.”

“I might be your last.”

“It’s threats like that that might convince me to not let you live.”

“I’m real scared, lady.”

She was facing one of her agents but when she turned around I could see she was wearing the same glove she was wearing when she took down the werewolf the day before. I will admit that I was a little bit nervous because I had seen what she could do. But there was no way she could beat me. I was faster, stronger and a better fighter.

“Let’s make this quick,” I said to her. “I have to get running soon.”

“You won’t be running anywhere,” she informed me.

I ran at her again, but when I went to hit her this time she dodge me and tried to punch me in the back. I spun, grabbed her arm, and brought her to the ground, putting her arm in a lock. She then punched me in the stomach with that massive glove and sent a jolt of electricity through my body. I obviously lost my grip and she stood up.

“You are careless, sporadic,” she taunted me. “You have a lot to learn.”

“Shut up and fight me,” I spat. She did.

She was a lot fiercer than I even imagined, which was a lot as it was. I wasn’t expecting that, especially from someone her age. I was still better, though.

I kicked her in the side, causing her to keel over, but then she caught me by surprise. I went to punch her in the head when she punched me in the shoulder, right where I had been stabbed. Couple that with the fact that she sent electricity through my body, I was in a lot of pain.

She was standing over me, gloating in her soon to be victory.

“I told you that you wouldn’t be running,” she pointed out.

“You can’t take us,” I tried.

“I can.”

She reeled her hand back, ready to punch me in the face. That’s when Mygle appeared in between us and kicked the director in the chest, sending her heels over head—is that right? The rest of his group was attacking everyone else, keeping them very preoccupied. He turned to me.

“Go,” he said.

“I can’t leave you,” I replied.

“Go. Now.”

I felt bad leaving them but I also didn’t want to be arrested. I grabbed my sister and Kelly, and took off…

From the Ashes: Chapter Four Part Nineteen

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