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From the Ashes Chapter Four Part Fifteen

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It’s always the same story ladies and gentlemen: surrounded by monsters with no way out. The only difference was this time I really didn’t see any way out it. Larry was strong enough to defeat all of us, even by himself. With 40 or so monsters on his side we were definitely helpless.

Larry picked up one of the axes that I dropped during our scuffle and threw it on the ground in front of me.

“Pick it up,” he ordered. “We end this now.”

I didn’t do it because he told me to, but rather that I needed to. I was going to fight him just like he wanted me to, and I was going to kill him. I didn’t know how but it didn’t matter to me.

I grabbed my axe and stood up, ready to fight Larry.

“Come on,” he taunted me. “My monsters will stay back until you and I are done.”

I attacked him, fiercely. I swung hard and I swung fast. Larry, though, was something else. I wasn’t able to get a single cut on him by the time he kicked me in the chest. After stumbling backwards I went after him again.

Larry continued to dodge or block my attacks but there was something that I noticed: he was slowing down. With my right arm I swung my axe at him but he ducked. I took my other axe and managed to cut his arm. He recoiled and stepped backwards. He looked furious.

“Enough of this,” he bellowed before he burst into flames again. “I’m going to kill you and then take your sister.”

He attacked me like his life depended on it, giving it everything that he had. It didn’t seem like that at the time but I would realize in a couple minutes that it was. It didn’t seem like he was really trying because he wasn’t able to hit me. I was starting to win. At the time I might have attributed it to the fact that he was threatening my sister and I had a burst of adrenaline. It was kind of weird since I just found out that she existed but I would do everything in my power to keep her alive.

“ATTACK!” Larry shouted. All of the monsters converged on us at once. I hoped that everyone had it handled and kept my attention on Larry.

I chanced a quick look, though, and saw that everyone had formed a circle around Alex, which made me feel a lot more comfortable.

Larry and I continued to fight and I continued to hit him over and over.

“How is this happening?” Larry asked, beginning to worry.

“I don’t know and I don’t care,” I replied.

“I will kill you.” He was starting to get desperate.

“Don’t you know, Larry?” Fields shouted. “A phoenix will die and then is reborn.”

Larry looked as confused as I was.

“For a phoenix to be reborn it must first die,” she continued, kind of repeating what she just said but it was starting to make sense.

Fields looked over at Kelly and then back at the two of us. He bit her, meaning that she was going to change. Therefore he was going to die.

“You’re going to die,” I said.

I could see the horror in his face as he realized it. I could just let him die whatever death would come to him. He fell to his knees, struggling to stay up. How did he not know that was going to happen?

“I hate you,” he said.

That was the icing on the cake.

“I hate you too,” I replied, right before I chopped his head off…

From the Ashes: Chapter Four Part Fifteen

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