27 Apr

From the Ashes Chapter Four Part Fourteen

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Kelly yelled in pain and for a second I could hear her skin start to sizzle from the fire. I pushed past my pain and my inability to fully move my arms and jumped up. I stuck my leg out to kick Larry in the face. It all worked out rather nicely because he let go of Kelly and didn’t move out of the way in time, so my foot connected. Larry fell backwards and tumbled head over feet. I ran up to Kelly.

“Are you okay?” I asked her. I knew before I even said it that she was screwed. My blood wasn’t going to heal her.

“I’ll be fine,” she tried to assure me.

I looked over her bite and it was straight up nasty. There were large bite marks and the skin was beyond raw. The one positive thing was the flames cauterized the wound so she wasn’t bleeding. There’s always a plus side to everything.

“We’re going to get you out of here,” I promised her.

“I don’t know how,” she said. “We can’t beat him. Oh my god. What’s going to happen to me?”

“I don’t know. We’ll figure it out. Let’s not worry about that right now, though.”

“No,” Larry said. “You have more important things to worry about.”

I stood up and stalked toward Larry, my a-hole father.

“I’m really sick of this,” I said to him.

He simply laughed.

“This ends right now,” I told him.

“I agree,” he replied.

I took my axe and swung at his neck, fighting the fact that I had two holes in my shoulders. He ducked so I swung with my other axe but he just pushed it out of the way. Left and right, up and down I swung my arms trying everything I could to kill him, but he dodged every one of them—nothing new there. Then he started attacking me.

I tried as best I could to block or dodge him but he was just too strong for me to beat him. It was all a wasted effort.

Larry threw a fist at my face so I ducked, but he kneed me in the face and then punched me anyway when I stood back up. I stumbled back until I fell to the ground, tripping over a root.

“Time to die, Wes,” he warned.

“Not another step!” Fields shouted. I looked up and saw everyone pointing a gun at him. Mygle and the rest of his gremlins were also standing by ready to help.

“Oh, Director Fields. You don’t actually expect to kill me, do you?”

“No, but I expect to occupy you while Wes does. You are outnumbered.”


“What’s so funny?”


“Come on,” I moaned. I knew why he was laughing.

“Why am I funny?” she asked him. It was stupid for her to ask. She should have already known why too.

“The fact that you think I am outnumbered,” he said.

Right on cue a bunch of monsters came out from out of the woods and completely surrounded us. There had to be over 40 of them waiting eagerly to eat us. We were never going to catch a break with this guy…

From the Ashes: Chapter Four Part Fourteen

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