17 Apr

From the Ashes Chapter Four Part Eleven

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The last thing that I wanted to do was discuss anything with that scumbag who dares call himself my father. Neither Alex nor I really had much of a choice, though. Larry walked through the door followed by the vampires that were with him and several other monsters. We had zero chances of escaping.

I pushed Alex behind me.

“Why don’t we go into the living room,” Larry suggested with a wave of his hand.

“Who are you?” Alex asked him.

“Well,” he began.

“He’s a monster,” I cut him off.


“Kill him, then,” Alex said to me.

“She’s ruthless,” Larry pointed out. “I like that.”

“If I could he’d be dead already,” I told her.

“Do we run then?” she asked me.

“No. For now we play along.”

Larry chuckled.

“You two talk like I am not here,” he said to us.

“We know you can hear us you jackass,” I spat.

“Sit down.”

Alex and I sat on the couch while Larry sat on the chair across from us. The house was really nice. I wish I could have been there under better circumstances.

“This chair is very comfortable,” Larry said out loud.

“Did you kill my parents?” Alex asked.

“Not technically, no. Besides, they aren’t your real parents are they?”

“They raised me!”

“Yes, but they are not the ones that gave birth to you.”

“Leave her alone, Larry,” I warned him.

“Don’t you think she deserves the truth, son?”


I had shouted so loud that even the monsters stirred a bit. Alex jumped and moved further down the couch away from me.

“He’s your father?” She was shocked to say the least.

“Not by choice believe me,” I said.

“How can he be your father?”

“Honestly, I just found out a couple of days ago.”

She looked horrified, like she might burst into tears from the shear horror of it all.

“What have you brought to me?” she asked in a scared whisper.

Larry just started laughing, just like before. He really found some pretty awful things funny and I wished that I could shove my gun in his mouth and pull the trigger. I wouldn’t even get close to him.

“My dear,” Larry began, “he didn’t bring this to you.”

“What do you mean?” she asked him.

“Don’t, Larry,” I tried warning him again.

“I came to meet my daughter,” he said…

From the Ashes: Chapter Four Part Eleven

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