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From the Ashes Chapter Four Part Eight

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It was a tough decision because I wasn’t really sure where she was and I couldn’t just let those people die. The way I saw it is even if she did take off in the woods then she would be safe for a little bit because Larry wouldn’t kill her. I charged straight for the house.

As I approached I thought about running to the front door but that meant I would have to run around the corner to get to it. So, in the interest of time I jumped through the window on the side of the house. The glass shattered as I passed through, and I did a somersault when I landed. As I came up one of the vampires was standing right there so I chopped its head off immediately.

I quickly scanned the area and found two of the vampires feeding off Bill but the fourth one was missing. I assumed it went after Melinda. I brought my axe down to kill the two vampires but the other one jumped from down the mini hallway we were standing in and slammed me into a wall. It bit into my shoulder as well fell to the ground.

“DAMN!” I shouted as I pried it off of me.

With my right arm I swung my axe at its neck but one of the other vampires that was feeding off Bill jumped on my back.

“I hate you vile monsters!” I yelled at them.

As we both fell forward I used the momentum to do a front flip. When we landed I fell on my back, slamming the vampire into the ground, which slowed it down. As I stood up the one that bit me tried to attack again but I sidestepped out of the way and killed it. We were in pretty tight quarters though, so when I stepped to the side I tripped over a small table and fell to the ground.

“Seriously?” I said out loud.

The last two vampires were approaching, so rather than fighting them I took out my Desert Eagles and blew their heads right off.

After a second to regain my composure I headed to Bill.

“My…wife…” he choked.

I went down the hallway, which lead to a really nice kitchen, to find Melinda lying on the floor. She wasn’t moving. I prepared myself to give her my blood but when I got closer I saw that there was no point; she was dead. I headed back over to Bill.

“Is she…okay?” he asked me.

I hated to tell him that his wife was dead, and as I looked him over a couple times I saw that he really didn’t have a chance either. His throat was torn open and blood was pouring out. So I saw no need to make the last few minutes in even more pain.

“She’s fine,” I lied. “Just shaken up.”

He nodded his head as best he could but I saw a tear fall out of his eye. I think he knew that I was lying.

“Wes?” he asked.

“Yeah,” I replied.

“You look…just like…him.”

“Where’s my sister?”

“Alexandra…needs you.” Alexandra; why did I know that name?

“Where is she?”

“Upstairs. There’s a…hidden door…closet.”

Without waiting I took off up the stairs and found her room. I darted for the closet and the ripped the door off by accident. If she was in there then I just scared the crap out of her. I tore the closet apart as quickly as I could until I noticed a tiny hatch. I pulled it open, ready to meet my sister, but the little hidden cubby was empty…

From the Ashes: Chapter Four Part Eight

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