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From the Ashes Chapter Four Part Seven

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Walking through the woods on the mountain I figured there would be more monsters waiting for me. All that I had run into so far were the basilisks when I first jumped over the gap. So, maybe he thought that they would actually kill me? But that wouldn’t make sense because he would know that I could handle them. Plus he wants to turn me into a phoenix just like him. Did he change his mind? Maybe he was a little bitter about me cutting off his hand.

You know that’s funny because in Star Wars, Darth Vader cuts off Luke’s hand. At least my life isn’t exactly like his. It was just one big movie reference, though. Look I’m not making all of this crap up. I couldn’t even if tried.

Another thing stuck out in my mind that he said he began to hate paladins and humans, yet he wants my sister and I to join him? I guess that meant there was some humanity left in him. I didn’t care about that at all, however. As far as I was concerned Larry was just another monster for me to hunt and kill. Although, I wasn’t really sure how I was going to do that.

I was climbing up a small hill and eventually reached the top. When I looked down I could see a house, the one I think she lived in. I quickly double-checked the GPS device that Fields had given me. It appeared to be the correct one.

I started for the house but stopped quickly when I saw a small pack of vampires approach the front. Larry was right behind them. One of the vampires tried to kick the door in but Larry stopped it.

“Let’s not be rude here,” he said. “We will show our hosts some manners. I don’t want to give my daughter the wrong impression.” Well that certainly confirmed that I did have a sister.

Larry rang the doorbell. After a minute the door opened. When humans see a monster they will usually scream and that is what I expected. But there was no scream. I couldn’t see who answered the door from where I was standing so I began to imagine they were just in shock. It didn’t matter either way. I needed to intervene and save the people in that house.

“Hello,” said a male voice that was way too calm.

“Will you look at that,” Larry said. “Bill. I never thought it would be you.”

They knew each other. He didn’t know my parents but he knew these people. I suddenly couldn’t move.

“I knew you would come, eventually,” Bill said. “Especially after I heard what happened to Wes’ family.” Did he know my family?

I know what you’re thinking. If my family was brutally murdered and Drake took me in then why do I use my actual name sometimes? Wouldn’t people be able to find me? Drake said he took care of it and no one ever came looking for me, until now anyway. Besides, most of the time I used a fake name.

“Yes,” Larry said with a sad voice. “Such a shame.”

“What do you want?” Bill asked.

“I came for my daughter. Is she home?”

Bill remained silent.

“Of course not,” Larry answered himself. “If you knew that I was coming she wouldn’t be home. Unless that is what you want me to think so that I would go running through the woods in one direction and then you would head off with her in the other. I can hear Melinda whimpering in the next room so I doubt you would send her on her own.”

Larry stood there for a second.

“I really can’t take my chances, however,” he pointed out. “I’ll just assume both possibilities.”

“You can’t have her,” Bill said defiantly.

“You can’t stop me.” Larry looked around at the vampires. “Kill the couple but leave the girl unharmed.”

Larry waved his hand. Four of the vampires jumped into the house and three of them ran around the back. Larry followed that group.

This was it; I had to act fast. The only problem was I didn’t know if she was still in the house or if she did take off…

From the Ashes: Chapter Four Part Seven

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