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From the Ashes Chapter Four Part Six

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We all stood there and watched as their way to get across the gap fell, bouncing off the walls a couple of times. When it hit the ground it exploded into a bunch of pieces.

“Awesome,” I said.

“Seriously,” Roy shouted to me.


“What’s the matter with you?”

“Maybe you didn’t see the giant werewolf that looked like it was going to eat me?”

“Maybe you could have held onto the log?”

“Really? Because it was so light.”

“Well I thought you were a big strong paladin?”

“I wish the log was still here just so I could walk across it and punch you in the face.”

“Jump back over and take your best shot.”

“Enough you two,” Fields jumped in, ending our fight.

After a few seconds the two of us calmed down.

“We can stand here bickering back and forth or we can try to find a way across,” Fields continued.

“Sorry,” I said.

“Me too,” Roy replied with his head down.

That little fight escalated quickly but tensions were high and the world was at stake. If it wasn’t him I’m sure Lenny would have been the one to start an argument with me. Roy just beat him to the punch.

“What now?” I asked.

“We could try to find another way across, go further down?” Kelly suggested.

“There isn’t any time for that.”

“Couldn’t you jump us across?” Roy asked me.

“I barely made it myself,” I pointed out. “How do you think I could carry one of you with me?”

“You’re not strong enough?”

“Even if I was, do you know how long that would take? We’d be here all day just jumping back and forth.”

“Not again,” Fields cut us short. “We don’t need you two fighting again.”

“I can’t just stand here while we try to figure out how to get you guys across,” I pointed out. “Larry will find her soon enough.”

“We’ll find a way to get over there. Go.”

“What will you guys do?”

“We have something that we can use. I didn’t want to before because the noise will be more significant but I really don’t think we have to worry about that anymore.”


“Go. We’ll get catch up as fast as we can.”

“Okay.” I turned and walked away.

I had always been on my own, ever since Drake was killed anyway, so it wasn’t like it was a new experience for me. But this was one of the few times that I wished I had someone with me. I had already faced Larry alone and it has never worked out for me.

I pushed away my petty fears and started to trek through the woods, heading towards my father, who wanted turned my sister into a monster, or kill her…

From the Ashes: Chapter Four Part Six

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