18 Mar

From the Ashes Chapter Three Part Sixteen

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I didn’t know what to say to him. I kind of felt like he was lying to me still. So many questions were running through my mind at once I didn’t know where to began.

“How?” I said. “Why?”

He chuckled.

“If you’re a monster, why do you look like a human?” I asked him.

“One of the perks of being a phoenix,” he replied. If there wasn’t any proof he was my dad before then, there was proof right there. I don’t think I will ever be able to say that again without wanting to shoot myself in the head.

“I want you to join me,” he said to me.

I snapped. Words weren’t enough for me to express how I really felt, so I attacked him. I didn’t have either of my axes or my guns but I didn’t really care.

I jumped up and spun at the same time, actually landing a kick to the side of his head. I didn’t have time to celebrate, though, and continued my assault on him. Punch after punch, kick after kick, I tried as hard as I could to beat him to death. He blocked every hit I attempted, unfortunately.

With a quick flip of my hand I flashed a bright white light, but he saw it coming and hit me with a hard punch to the face. I fell back to the ground and felt the blood start to drip down my face.

“There is really no point trying to fight me,” he said to me casually.

“I’m going to kill you,” I promised him.

“I’m your father. You wouldn’t kill me.”

“You’re not my father! You had him killed seven years ago!”

“Yes, well, maybe he’s the one who raised you but blood is blood.”

“Shut up!”

He stayed silent.

“If you hate paladins, why do you want to join me?” I asked. “Why not just kill me?”

“Like I said: blood is blood,” he said.

“You are such an asshole.”

“Soon you will be like me.”

“Why now?”

He hesitated, like he didn’t want to tell me.

“Why now?” I repeated.

“I have my reasons,” he told me.


“I had to wait.”

“For what?”

“Do you think it was easy to create all of this?”

I couldn’t tell is he was lying or not. Maybe he just didn’t want to admit that he took forever to do it, I don’t know.

“I will never join you,” I promised him.

He hunched down in front of me in a catcher’s position.

“Wes, what makes you think you have a choice…?”

From the Ashes: Chapter Three Part Sixteen

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