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From the Ashes Chapter Three Part Twelve

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For a split moment he stared at me, shocked just as much as I was, before he fell backwards. I ran up to him.

“Bennett?” I said softly. His empty eyes stared off into nothing.

He didn’t respond.

“Bennett!” I shouted a little louder.

I knew the moment the piece of wood hit him that he was dead, but just like every human—I know I am a paladin but I’m just as much a human emotionally as you are—I held on to a sliver of hope. There was nothing that my blood would do to heal him at that point so all I could do was let him go.

I didn’t cry, I really don’t cry, but I was very angry. I searched around me until my eyes fell upon the Terrible Three. Of course it was them, who else would it be? I guess it could have been Larry but it wasn’t him.

“You,” I said through gritted teeth.

“Oh look, sisters, he’s angry,” Belinda pointed out with glee.

I took out my guns and started shooting but the bullets bounced off some invisible shield and flew harmlessly away from them. I didn’t care, though, and kept shooting until the clips ran out. Then I switched to my axes.

With as much fury and anger I could muster I swung my axes at the witches with intent on murdering them, but with each swing the axes either bounced off them like the bullets or hit nothing but air. Finally one of them knocked me to the ground.

“What do you really expect to do, young one?” Caroline asked me.

“You can’t defeat us,” Rowena assured me.

“No one can,” Belinda chimed in.

I looked at them as my chest heaved in and out.

“Someone did,” I pointed out. “You’ve all died before.”

“And yet here we are,” Belinda said with her arms spread out.


I had no idea how I was supposed to beat them. Belinda had been burned to a crisp already and here she was again.

“How are you alive?” I asked her.

“I’m a witch,” she said plainly.

“Oh that makes much more sense now.” I’m sure Larry had something to do with it.

“Are you ready to die now?”

“Are you?”

They all just laughed.

I stood up and held my axes out, ready to strike. I didn’t see any way that I could kill them, but that wasn’t going to stop me. It would never stop me. Plus, I always found ways out of these situations…

From the Ashes: Chapter Three Part Twelve

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