25 Feb

From the Ashes Chapter Three Part Nine

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This was bad. I read stories about what these three did together and it was all very bad. I wasn’t really sure which was going to be worse: dealing with these three or with Larry? Wait, three witches in Salem. Does that sound familiar to you?

Anyway they were all standing over me, delaying my inevitable death by piercing me with their eyes. I kind of wished they just did whatever they were going to do and got it over with.

“Hello, ladies,” I said casually.

“Wes Parker,” one of them said. I didn’t know which witch was which yet. “We have heard a lot about you. Haven’t we Caroline?” That clears that one up. Rowena was very plain with dirty blonde hair and a slightly wrinkled face.

“Yes we have,” Caroline answered her. She was a little more attractive with darker hair and smoother face. Her eyes were bright blue and hard to look away from. I hate witches, though, so I managed.

“All good things I hope,” I said.

Caroline just giggled.

“Of course not,” I muttered under my breath.

“Larry said we can do whatever we want with you,” Belinda informed me.

“Is this what he was saving me for?”


“That seems kind of stupid. Why save me around every corner just to serve me up to three bitches. I mean witches. Sorry, I get the two confused so often.”

There I go with my mouth again. One of them—I didn’t get a chance to see who—lifted me up into the air and threw me at least 30 feet high and then dropped me into the middle of the street. A group of monsters tried to capitalize on the situation and attacked me.

I struggled to fight them off, and it was difficult as I was trying to suck all of the air back into my lungs. My axes had fallen out of my hands and were just out of reach so I went for my guns. Something bit one of my arms and I recoiled but I was able to grab the other gun and started shooting.

After a minute all of the monsters that were biting and scratching me were dead and the air returned to my lungs.

“That sucked,” I said out loud. “Are you guys going to kill me now? I do hate the suspense.”

“I don’t know,” Belinda said. “Sisters, what do you think?”

“He is a nuisance,” Caroline pointed out.

“And he is the last paladin,” Rowena joined in.

“Killing him would mean killing the last big threat in the world.”

“And we wouldn’t have to worry about anyone else.”

“It sounds unanimous to me,” Belinda decided. “I think we will kill you, Wes Parker.”

“Oh, wonderful,” Caroline cheered.

“I imagine his blood will taste glorious,” Rowena suggested with an evil grin.

“I’m not going to die today,” I told them.

I grabbed both of my guns quickly and fired off three shots, hitting them all in the head. They fell with a thud.

“I need some gasoline,” I said to myself.

As I started to walk away they all stood up, laughing. I knew a headshot wouldn’t kill them but they should have been knocked out for 40 minutes or more.

“What the hell?” I whispered.

“With the three of us together you didn’t think that was going to do anything, did you?” Belinda asked me.

They must have all worked together on whatever they were doing because they lifted me into the air and I couldn’t even move. I might as well have been frozen in a block of ice. Then they started pulling on my legs and arms with their magic, like I was in one of those medieval torture devices used to separate someone’s limbs. I tried to fight back but it was useless. This was going to hurt…

From the Ashes: Chapter Three Part Nine

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