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From the Ashes Chapter Three Part One

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Salem, Massachusetts. That’s where Larry wanted me to meet him. I hadn’t been here since I fought those witch sisters. Actually it was just one of them but if you remember she was trying to raise the other two. Either way she was a big deal. I wasn’t really sure why Larry wanted me to meet him there but at the time I didn’t care.

He wanted me to show up alone and we were all fully aware of what he was capable of so in the interest of not pissing this guy off I made everyone else stay back. They were in a branch somewhere in central Massachusetts that was way smaller than the one on New Jersey. I have to be honest, though; I don’t know why Larry went there and destroyed the place. What good did it really do for him?

The town was quiet and eerie. I wondered if the world had figured out what was going on yet. I know they knew something was up because there were attacks all over the place. They probably thought it was terrorist attacks or something like that. Maybe they figured there was a giant storm coming and the animals were going crazy.

I was sitting on a ledge in the center of the town in front of some shops as Larry had instructed me to do. Usually I would look around, try to find and kill the monster but I was kind of at his mercy at this point. There was a nice summer breeze that I couldn’t enjoy fully because the world was on the edge of monster domination, but it did feel nice.

“Wes?” a voice came over the earpiece that I was wearing. It was Director Fields. Since we went to the other agency’s office we were able to stock up on supplies. It was way easier than using a cellphone.

“Yeah?” I replied.

“Has he contacted you yet?”

“If he did do you think that I might have informed you?”

“Do you see any other monster activity there?”

“No. The place is creepy quiet. I kind of thought that I would see vampires and trolls roaming around, but all I see is just a few normal humans.”

“Good, we may still have time.”

“Glad to know you’re an optimist.”

Get off my back. I was feeling a little defeated and expecting the worst. If you were in the same position you would have felt the same. It’s nice and easy to sit at home and be brave reading my words. You didn’t even know all of this happened!

“We have to be, Mr. Parker,” she said. “The odds are stacked against us.”

I don’t think anyone had ever called me Mr. Parker before.

“I’ll be optimistic when Larry is dead at my feet,” I replied.

“I have faith in you, Wes.”

“At least someone does.”

I kicked a small stone down the sidewalk, nearly hitting a squirrel. It squawked like crazy and ran up a tree.

“How much do you know about him?” I asked her.

“Enough,” she said, keeping it short.

“What is he? He’s not human.”

“No, not human.”

“Do you know what he is?”

“He is far gone, something this world hasn’t seen a very long time.”

I didn’t really think she was going to tell me, if she really knew what he was. She was being very weird about it. But she didn’t have time anyway.

“Wes Parker,” said a voice I recognized, approaching me from behind…

From the Ashes: Chapter Three Part One

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