04 Feb

From the Ashes Chapter Two Part Sixteen

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My heart and my brain just froze. I didn’t know what to do or what to think, so I just stared at him, eyes wide and mouth open. Larry has been following me since I was 11 years old and he is the reason that my parents were killed. It was a hard thing to take in. The whole time I thought that werewolves just happened into my area and felt my presence. But that was a lie. Did Drake—to remind you, he was the paladin who trained me—know this and lie to me? Was he afraid that I would go after Larry? If so he would have been right because I definitely would have.

“It was necessary,” Larry said to me. It sounded like we were both underwater I was so mad.

“I’m going to kill you,” I whispered angrily.

“I think you’ve already tried that.”

I didn’t say another word but just attacked him with everything that I had. It was futile, though. He outmatched me and put me in my place like I was a child throwing a tantrum.

“I think I have had enough of this,” Larry stated. “Come meet me in Massachusetts tomorrow night. We have much to discuss and I would rather we were alone. I will call you later with the location.”

He shot out a huge gust of fire at all of us. It didn’t hit us but was more of a distraction so he could get away, because when the fire had cleared he was gone. I was so hot with rage I didn’t even know what to do.

“Is he gone?” Lenny asked.

“Yes,” the director answered.

“How can you be sure?”

“He’s gone.”

“But he didn’t even kill you.”

The director turned to him. “Does that disappoint you?”

“No,” he replied straightening up. “We just figured that killing you would be the worst thing he can do.”

“As much as I would dislike it, dying would not be the worst thing. He has already done enough damage.”

“He tore this place apart,” I chimed in, never taking my eyes off the place I last saw Larry. “All communications were destroyed and several agents were killed. I would say he did enough damage here.”

“He’s right. Everything has been destroyed, including most of our combat equipment.”

“What do we do now?” Kelly asked.

I stood up and turned to face everyone. “I go to Massachusetts to kill Larry.”

I didn’t care what it took or how I was going to do it. I wouldn’t stop until I killed Larry. This was personal…

From the Ashes: Chapter Two Part Sixteen

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