30 Jan

From the Ashes Chapter Two Part Fourteen

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I wasn’t really sure what Director Fields expected me to do against Larry. He was much faster and stronger than I was and considering I had no idea that he could wield fire there was no telling what else he could do. If there was going to be some way that I could take him down it was going to have to be some sort of miracle.

“We need to go after him,” I said.

“Are you crazy?” Lenny asked. “Did he hit you too hard in the head? There is nothing that we can do to stop him.”

“That doesn’t mean we don’t try. Even if it means death we have to do everything that we can.”

“Maybe you’re ready to die but I’m not.”

I stormed over to Lenny and got right in his face.

“We don’t have a choice,” I said, practically shouting. “If we don’t kill him and he wins then the monsters will eventually get you and there will be too many of them for you to handle. And it will also be a much worse death. So you either come, try to help me, or I will kill you myself.”

Lenny stared right back at me and remained silent. He didn’t back down or look away but he didn’t fight back either.

“Fine,” he said.

I backed away from him, keeping my eyes steady with his for the first couple of steps.

“Where do you think he’ll go?” Roy asked.

“He needs to get to wherever he can make the biggest impact in one blow,” I pointed out.

“Where would that be?”

We both turned to Kelly.

She shrugged her shoulders.

“I don’t know,” she admitted. “He’s already taken out our security system and let all of the monsters free.”

“Think. What else could he do?”

She thought about it for a minute.

“The director,” she said.

“She seems like she can take care of herself,” Roy suggested with a shrug of his shoulders.

“As can Wes.”

“Good point.”

“We need to get to her then before Larry does,” I said, stating the obvious.

A part of me felt like I should let Larry kill her because I had a bad feeling about that woman. But I can’t willingly allow a monster to kill a human being, even if I didn’t trust them. Yes, let’s be honest with each other here. Larry isn’t a human being and he definitely isn’t a paladin. He is a monster, plain and simple.

“Director?” Kelly said over her earpiece. “Director.”

My phone started to ring. I picked it up.

“Hello?” It was an unknown caller.

“Wes,” Fields responded. “My ear piece was damaged and you are the only one who answered.”

“How do you have my number?”

“Never mind. I need you. Come to our training facilities immediately. Oh no.” There was a click.

“Hello?” No response. “Hello?”

She actually sounded kind of scared. This wasn’t good…

From the Ashes: Chapter Two Part Fourteen

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