24 Jan

From the Ashes Chapter Two Part Eleven

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We walked over to the director, who did not look phased by the fact that she just took down a werewolf. Roy and I stared at her in bewilderment.

“What?” she asked.

“Nothing,” I said, quickly composing myself. I didn’t want to give away that she actually kind of terrified me.

“Then let’s keep going. Find the man.”

“Right away.”

We started moving but the director didn’t follow.

“You coming?” I asked her.

“I have my own business to attend to. Go find him.”

Roy, Lenny, Kelly and I kept going and left the rest of the group we had just run into.

“That was something,” I said.

“There’s a reason she is the director,” Kelly pointed out.

“She just took down that werewolf like it was nothing. What were those gloves she was wearing?”

“Not really sure. Must be a prototype. I guess they work.”

“I’m sure if she wasn’t wearing those then she wouldn’t have been able to take down that werewolf so easily,” Roy commented, clearly jealous.

“Don’t be so sure. I’ve seen her do some pretty amazing things.”

It was unsettling. Even with those gloves it looked like she would have had a relatively easy time taking the monster. Still, I knew they would have some pretty crazy technology. Maybe they even had some stuff that would give me a run for my money.

We continued down the hallway and guess what we did? It’s okay. Take your time. Ready? That’s right! We killed some more monsters. It was good that the agency didn’t care about saving them still, trying to recapture them. Now that I think of it, though, why weren’t they?

I just finished killing a monster. I honestly don’t remember which one it was.

“You were holding these monsters, for testing, right?” I asked Kelly.

“Yeah,” she replied with no remorse. It wasn’t like I cared for the monsters but just thought it was a bad idea to hold them.

“Why aren’t we trying to recapture them?”

“It would be impractical. Fighting a monster one on one with a large group makes it easy to capture. Dealing with a large mix makes things much more difficult.”

“Fair enough.”

Roy and I were behind the other two.

“I don’t buy it,” Roy said to me quietly.

“It makes sense,” I argued. “They can just recapture them again at some point. New ones I mean.”

“That seems more impractical.”

“If you can come up with a better reason as to why then I am all ears.”

“I don’t know.”

We ended up in a large round room that looked like a cafeteria.

“Let’s not worry about it and find the man in the trench coat,” I said.

“Wes Parker,” the man said, standing behind us. “I thought I told you my name is Larry…”

From the Ashes: Chapter Two Part Eleven

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