22 Jan

From the Ashes Chapter Two Part Ten

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The lights started to flicker until they finally went out. The back up lights came on covering everything with a harsh red glow.

“Why are back up lights always red?” I asked.

“What?” Lenny responded.

“Backup lights are always red.”

“No they aren’t.”

“Most of the time they are.”

“You’re making that up.”

“Well they’re red now and it’s annoying.”

Okay. So I was a little angry and I was taking it out on the red lights, but they really didn’t help. I’d rather have no lights and rely on my sight. Just a reminder I can see in the dark. It’s not exactly like having the sun out but more like looking through night vision goggles.

“Do you know what office he was talking about?” Roy asked.

“I don’t think he meant that literally,” I suggested.

“So what then?”

“We go find him and hope he doesn’t kill us.”

“Can’t you take him?” Lenny asked me.

“My fights with him in the past haven’t turned out too well. The fact that I’m the best shot on killing him doesn’t bode too well for us.”


“Let’s keep moving,” Kelly ordered.

We continued down the maze of hallways, searching for the rest of the monsters. They were everywhere. I knew having them all locked up was a bad idea. I guess I should have known they were down here before I saw them but I figured I had felt them because of the imminent invasion. If you forgot, I can feel when a monster is close.

I was ahead of the pack and barreled through a doorway right into a group of agents. I knocked all of them over.

“Watch it you moron,” one of them complained.

“Why are you standing right behind a door?” I asked, equally aggravated.

“Staying out of the way.” She pointed down the hall where a werewolf stood with its back to us.

“Why aren’t you trying to kill it?”

“She told us to stay back.”


The werewolf twisted around and its paws were locked with Director Fields hands. She was wearing some weird gloves and was surprisingly holding her own. She could only do so much, though, and the werewolf was pushing her down. I took a step forward but the agent stopped me.

“Just wait,” she said with a smile.

The director’s hands sparked and the werewolf jerked. Fields then ripped the massive beast down and drove a knife into its head. My mouth just about dropped right off my face.

“Shall we?” she asked, motioning for us to follow her.

I couldn’t believe what I just saw. I knew this woman was scary…

From the Ashes: Chapter Two Part Ten

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