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From the Ashes Chapter Two Part Eight

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I tried to move out of the way but whatever the monster was moved too quickly. It tackled me to the ground, hard, and then leapt over me. I turned to see what it was but the thing was already on my back. It bit me on the shoulder, so I yelped in pain. I tried grabbing it but it was already gone. There were very few monsters that were as small and quick as this one.

“PIXIE!” Kelly screamed as she started firing her gun.

Let me tell you about these little assholes. Yeah I said that word and I meant it. I don’t feel like sugarcoating this one because it deserves to be said as is. These monsters are the most annoying things on the planet, even more so than elves.

They’re little, just like elves, and severely violent. They can fly and move around like a fly on speed making them oh so hard to kill. And the worst part about them is that they were the size of, and looked like, koalas that someone took a huge dump on. It is the most disgusting thing, I swear to god.

The thing was still trying to attack me and Kelly was still shooting at it.

“Stop shooting at it while it’s attacking me!” I shouted over the gunfire.

“I hate those things,” she tried explaining herself.

“We all do. But you know what I hate worse?”


“Being shot!”


She finally stopped firing at me, allowing me to find the little beast, not that I could. I searched around, spinning like a complete idiot trying to locate the monster.

“Where did it go?” I asked everyone.

They all looked at me and either shook their heads or shrugged their shoulders. No one saw where it went and that was very typical of those little flies.

“There!” Roy shouted.

I turned around but there was nothing there. “Where?”

“It just flew back into the room.” He was referring to the room that it had just come out of.


I cautiously walked through door into the tiny room. I couldn’t believe that with everything that was going on that we had to worry about one little flying monster. It was ridiculous.

I took four steps through the door before the door slammed shut behind me.

Damn it, I thought to myself. The thing locked me in the room and now the others were going to have to deal with it. That is what I figured but when I turned around I saw that it was stuck in there with me.

“Great,” I said out loud.

Do you know what the thing did then? It smiled at me. It stood there and actually smiled at me. If I could have I would have shot the thing right then and there, but it was way too fast.

I took my axe and swung at it but of course I missed. I swung again, coming up with nothing but air. Back and forth I went with my axes, missing again and again. I was getting very aggravated.

That’s when it started attacking me. It started biting me over and over, scratching me in between each bite. I tried fighting back but it was utterly pointless.

“Come on you little shit,” I spat.

It was hovering in the back of the room, preparing for it’s next attack. It flew towards me. I flashed my overly bright beam of light, blinding the thing. It went right passed me and slammed into the wall. It then fell to the floor, completely disoriented. I stalked right up to it with my gun held out in front of me, eager to end this. I put it right up to the little things head.

“I hate you,” I said.

It made a grunting sound that sounded just like “huh”, I swear. But then I blasted the head right off of it. Right after that the door opened up, with Roy was standing behind it.

“You waited until I killed it, didn’t you?” I asked him.

“Well, yeah,” he said.


I walked out of the room.

“No thanks for the help,” I said.

“You were the only one who could take it,” Kelly pointed out. “You handled it.”

I was about to retort when there was a loud roar from somewhere in the building.

“We have to go,” Kelly said.

“Yeah,” I agreed.

We took off down the hallway, ready to fight whatever else was waiting for us…

From the Ashes: Chapter Two Part Eight

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