12 Jan

From the Ashes Chapter Two Part Six

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“We’ve been breached,” Fields pointed out.

“I think we got that impression,” I replied.

“That’s impossible,” Kelly stated, shocked plastered all over her face.

“No it isn’t,” Fields informed her. “Not for him.” She was of course referring to the man in the trench coat. Although, it was very clear that he wasn’t a man but you already knew that.

“We need to break up into teams,” Fields continued. “Wes, you take Kelly and Lenny. Roy can go with Alex and Benjamin.”

“Roy can come with me,” I said. I had no intentions of them splitting up Roy and I. How did I know this wasn’t some stupid setup?

“I would prefer if he went with my other agents.”

“I don’t care what you prefer. He is coming with me and I dare you to try and stop us.”

I stared at her, making it clear that I didn’t intend to back down. This lady didn’t scare me and I didn’t give a crap what she thought. She looked like she wanted to protest but she didn’t.

“We don’t have time for this,” she said. “Fine. Kelly. Head down to the holding cells and make sure that is secure. He’ll go straight there first.”

“Got it,” Kelly replied.

“Go then.” Fields was aggravated. More than likely because her “secure” facility had just been infiltrated and I’m sure I didn’t help at all. I still didn’t care.

“Let’s go,” Kelly ordered us. Roy and I followed without question. I was just happy to get away from the director.

We headed back to the hallway Roy and I had wandered down not more than 20 minutes earlier, weaving around people on our way. The place was pretty chaotic. It was probably the first time the place had ever been broken into.

“No one has ever broken in before,” Kelly said. I told you.

“I figured,” I responded. “Everyone seems to be up in arms.”

“Given the day we were already having, this really doesn’t help.”

“Yeah. At least the monsters haven’t launched any huge attacks yet. They haven’t, right?”

“Just small attacks but a lot of them. And nothing like what happened in the town you were in.”

“Just the calm before the storm.”


I looked over at Roy. He had his gun in his hand and was ready for action, as were the rest of us. I was glad to have him with me. If I was alone in this place I would feel even more uncomfortable than I already was. It was good having someone to travel around with. It reminded me of my days with Drake.

We were approaching the turn that led to the hallway with the holding cells when Kelly stopped.

“What?” Lenny asked her.

“We need to be prepared for the man,” she said. “He could already be at the holding cells.”

“Good point.” Lenny turned around. “Wes, you go first.”

I shook my head.

“Don’t try to be a hero now, Jenny,” I muttered as I pass by them.

I rounded the corner and felt my heart fall to the floor.

“I have good news and bad news,” I said.

“Bad news?” Kelly asked.

“The good news is the man isn’t in this hallway.”

“I asked for the bad news.”

“I know you did but it would ruin the dramatic effect.”

“Which is?”

“All of the doors are open…”

From the Ashes: Chapter Two Part Six

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