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From the Ashes Chapter Two Part Five

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“Pleasure,” I said. I paused, waiting for her to say her name.

“Fields,” she said. “Director Fields.”

“I’d say my name but you clearly already know that.”

“It’s good to finally meet you.”

“I can’t really say the same. I had no idea you existed.”

She stared at me for a long time, studying me, like she needed to know every detail about my face. It was really weird and freaked me out a little bit.

“So,” I started, trying to break the silence.

“You must be Roy,” Fields said to Roy, reaching out to shake his hand.

He reached his hand out to meet hers. “How do you know that?”

“We know everything.” Her face didn’t falter to a smile, which made the both of us even more anxious.

Fields moved over to what I guessed was the head of the table and started typing on the screen in front of her.

“As you know,” she began, “the monsters are rising in hopes to overrun the world.”

“We gathered that much,” I replied. “We know who started it.”

“The man in the trench coat.”

I was taken a back a little bit. “How do you know that?”

She looked at me but didn’t answer.

“Right,” I said. “You know everything.”

“Yes,” she responded. “And we know all about him.” We she said the last line it was with a slight bitterness. Maybe she hates monsters just as much as I do.

“So what do we do?” I asked. “Why are we here?”

“We need to organize and attack.”

“Yeah, but why do you need Roy and I here?”

“I don’t need Roy, I need you.”

“I’ve asked twice but here it goes: why?”

“This attack is because of the man in the trench coat. The monsters have never organized like this before in history. If we can take out the leader we can end it.”

“Cut off the head of the snake.”


I nodded my head.

“I want you to lead the team to find and kill him,” she said.

“I’ve fought him before,” I stated. “It didn’t go well.”

“You are the best chance that we have.”

I shook my head, not disagreeing with her but not liking her plan. I figured it was going to come down to that in the end anyway but I just didn’t want to admit. That guy actually scares me.

“Okay then,” I said, settling with my fate. “How do we find him?”

Just then the alarms started going off with flashing red lights.

“I don’t think we’ll have to,” the director said.


From the Ashes: Chapter Two Part Five

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