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From the Ashes Chapter One Part Fourteen

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I really was all set with just dealing with the werewolves, but apparently this werewolf had other plans. I felt like there were just as many vampires as there were hairy monsters. The problem with vampires was that even though they aren’t as strong as their canine friends they are much faster. To me that doesn’t mean anything but that put all of these people at risk.

The officers and Roy started shooting at the vampires. I tried to help but the werewolf recovered and was already attacking me. Roy and all of the officers were on their own. That, however, didn’t stop some of the vampires from attacking me. The time for fighting without my axes was over.

I dodged out of the way of a bloodthirsty vampire and dove towards one of my axes. As I stood up I chopped the vampire in the chest, cutting right to his heart. It fell to the ground but the werewolf was right behind it. He reached out with lightning speed and slashed me right in the chest. I flipped backwards and kicked him in the face, putting some separation between us.

Another vampire jumped at me. I looked over at it and felt a twinge of anger when I realized it was holding my other axe above its head. It was going to try to kill me with it. Can you believe that? That bloodsucking jackass was going to try to end my life with my own weapon. I just about lost it.

When it was an arms length away from me I spun around it and chopped its head off. Then I jumped at it, rolled over its dead body, and grabbed my axe. When I stood up I took a swing at the werewolf’s neck. It ducked and our fight ensued.

We went back and forth again but for the most part I was on the offense, taking swing after swing. I was putting everything I had into killing this werewolf. I finally managed to get a hit in and slice the monster’s arm.

“You killed my parents!” I yelled.

I took another swing and cut his other arm.

“I’ve killed your brothers!” I continued.

Another slice on his leg.

“Now I’m going to kill you!”

I cut his other leg. I was ready to kill him but I heard Roy call for my help. I hesitated for a second, unwilling to walk away from my revenge, but there were more important things.

With more speed and strength I knew I had I started cutting through the vampires, making sure each hit was a fatal one. I moved through the crowd like a pinball, moving from one vampire to the next until every last one of them were dead.

“Are you okay?” I asked Roy as I knelt down beside him.

“Yeah,” he replied. “I was bit but I’ll live.”

“Everyone else?”

“No one dead but we’ll need your blood.”

“WES!” the werewolf shouted. He was still on the ground. “We’re not finished.”

“I’ll be right back,” I promised Roy.

I stalked toward the werewolf, eager to end its life.

“This means nothing,” he began.

“Save it,” I said stopping him. “I’ve heard that enough. It means everything to me. You’ll be dead and my parents will be avenged.” That sounded so lame. I set it up for such a cool speech then blew it on some lame line.

“Finish it then.”

I lifted my axe into the air.

“Any last words?” I asked him.

“Duck,” he answered.


The man in the trench coat came flying at me and tackled me to the ground.

“I can’t let you kill him, Wes,” he said to me.

I was pinned to the ground and there was no way I could move.

“The fun is just beginning,” he continued. “Welcome to the party.” He punched me in the head and everything went black…

From the Ashes: Chapter One Part Fourteen

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