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From the Ashes Chapter One Part Eleven

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The werewolves were stampeding towards us, growling as they did. I’ll admit that even I felt a twinge of fear in that moment, the first of many to come. The officers were fidgeting like crazy and there were people running in every direction to get away from the monsters.

“Hold still,” I said to the officers.

“When do we start shooting?” the lieutenant asked.

“How good are you at shooting?”

“Pretty good.”

“Then start shooting.”

I didn’t have to tell them again. They were shooting and some of them were half decent. They even managed to take out a couple of them, but it wasn’t enough to stop them.

I took out my guns and started firing but only took out three of them before they reached us. I wanted to flash my light to distract them but I knew that would also distract everyone else, so I needed to save that if we got desperate. Well, I mean more desperate than we already were.

The first werewolf to reach us tried to grab me but I quickly chopped off its head. I didn’t have the luxury to dance around these things. I had to be quick and precise.

Everything was falling apart fast, just like I knew it would and I was wondering where Mygle was.

“If you’re going to do something, Mygle,” I began, “now would be a great time!”

As if an answer to my prayers they all appeared out of nowhere and took out ten of them immediately. Some of the officers let out gasps.

“Don’t shoot the little red devils!” I shouted. “They’re on our side.”

One of the officers didn’t hear me and tried to shoot one of them. She missed but the gremlin certainly took notice. It tried to attack her, abiding by its natural instincts, but I intervened.

“We don’t kill humans anymore,” I told it. “Remember.”

“Old habits die hard,” it said with a shrug.

“Kill the werewolves.”

It nodded and rejoined the fray. It really helped having the gremlins there. It was good they showed up.

With my axes in hand I jumped back in and started chopping left and right, killing as many as I could. So far no one was killed. Sometimes I think too soon, though.

One of the werewolves jumped on one of the officers. He screamed so loud I would have thought that he was already dead. I leapt towards them and buried one of my axes into the monsters back. I then kicked it off the officer.

“Thank you,” he said as I pulled him up.

“Yeah,” I replied.

One by one we were actually winning, gaining the upper hand. There was actually a lot of fighting but to be perfectly honest there was a lot that was going to happen, so we need to move on. Eventually we were able to get them all with minimum casualties. When they were all dead I found Roy.

“That was easy,” he said.

“Yeah,” I agreed. “It was.”

“Guess it was good that we had the gremlins here.”

The gremlins were eating the werewolves. It was pretty disgusting but at least they weren’t eating the humans.

“That was way too easy,” I said.


The ground shook ever so slightly.

“What was that?” Roy asked

“I don’t know,” I replied.


“I think it might be time go,” Mygle said, pointing down the road.

I looked, and walking towards us was the largest werewolf I had ever seen. It was at least twice the size of any normal one. It was smiling at me.

“Wes,” it growled…

From the Ashes: Chapter One Part Eleven

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