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From the Ashes Chapter One Part Ten

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“What the hell is going on Lieutenant?” one of the officers asked, scared beyond belief.

“We, uh,” the lieutenant stumbled.

“They’re werewolves,” I explained. There was no need to try to hide it at this point. It wasn’t like they couldn’t see them.

“Werewolves?” the officer asked.

“Yep. We need to get out there and fight them.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. I’m not going out there.”

“I know you’re scared, but if you don’t go out there they will come in here anyway. They are going to come here first because they know you’re a threat.”

“How would a werewolf know to do that?” another officer asked.

“It doesn’t matter. We need to get out there now.”

I really didn’t have time to explain everything to them. I wished I did because none of them moved, obviously too afraid to do anything. I’m sure most of them probably didn’t even believe me. Would you?

The lieutenant gave some half-hearted motivational speech that I wasn’t really paying attention to. I was already running outside and preparing myself for the oncoming attack. I could hear the screams in the distance but I didn’t see anything yet.

Roy followed me out of the building with the gremlins in tow. I wondered if he could see them or not?

“Those officers are going to be useless,” Roy pointed out.

“How would you feel if it was your first time finding out?” I asked him. I immediately regretted asking him it, though, because the first time he met them was when his family was killed. It was the same for me, though.

He simply nodded his head. “Fair enough.”

“At least we have the gremlins on our side.”

“Where are they?” I guess he couldn’t see them.

“By your side.”

He looked back and forth. He still couldn’t see them. “I really don’t like them.”

One of them took out a small knife and was going to stab him in the leg.

“Don’t,” I said, pointing my gun right at it.

The thing smiled innocently. “I was just going to knick him.”

“Don’t what?” Roy asked.

“Nothing,” I assured him.

Some of the officers came out of the buildings, armed with rifles, with the lieutenant out in front. They all looked terrified.

“What do we do?” the lieutenant asked me.

“Stand behind us and please try not to hit either of us,” I ordered him.

“Don’t we need silver?” one of the officers asked.

“Don’t be crazy, this isn’t a movie,” another one scolded her.

“Are those not werewolves coming for us?”

I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Just aim for the head and you’ll be fine,” I promised, even though I wasn’t sure if they would be. “Roy and I will try to hold them off. Plus we have a little something up our sleeves.”

I looked around and couldn’t see the gremlins anymore. That was good. The werewolves wouldn’t be able to see them. They would be able to smell them so it wouldn’t be a complete surprise but it would be something.

I could hear them growling. Some of the officers started to fidget.

“Stay steady,” I said.

Then they were in sight, peaking over the hill down the street. There were so many of them. It was as bad, if not worse, as the town I had Kelly take out. They looked very hungry and were moving very fast. This was going to be very interesting…

From the Ashes: Chapter One Part Ten

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